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February 2021: Career Scope for ♓️ Pisces

This month is all about revisiting the reasons why you do what you do. While your plans may not be entirely clear when it comes to the physical plane, you are making incredible intuitive connections behind the scenes as both the Sun & Mercury Retrograde move through your 12th house of Spirituality & Higher Purpose until February 18 & 20 (respectively).

Make no mistake – the Universe is not punishing you with its delays, it’s blessing you. It’s inviting you to slow down and do a soul check-in. Most of all, it’s reminding you to take responsibility for the limiting beliefs that *you* have allowed to hold you back from feeling good and making the waves you’re here to make. Great healing can happen now from issues that have plagued you for years. It may be Mercury Retrograde, but what could be more productive than that?

Later in the month, the clouds part and it’s rose-colored glasses weather again. Venus, the planet of love, money & beauty, slides into your sign starting February 24th, bringing you rewards simply for being who you are. Others may be more drawn to your energy until March 20, and they usually come bearing gifts!

By the 26th, when the generous planet of joy, Jupiter, forms a positive flowing angle with the North Node of Future Destiny, you are well on your way toward a better, more exciting, and fulfilling way of life as you bridge the deeper, soulful parts of you with a plan for long-term security and stability that you will finally be able to come to depend on. ✨



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