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February 2021: Career Scope for ♑️ Capricorn

This year is all about allowing yourself to have what you really want. And this month… is when you’re meant to be discovering and deciding what that even means. Yet with Mercury Retrograde causing major confusion and delays until after February 20th, your true desires may all be so unclear. The truth is that you know in your heart what would make you happier, and this retrograde period is just trying to slow life down enough for you so that you can hear.

How will opening yourself up to receive your truest desires affect your future? Your financial stability? Your creative projects? Your daily schedule? These are all questions you may be pondering to ask as you weigh whether or not you’re worth making the changes you’re desiring to make. (Spoiler alert: You are.) So much of this year is about taking your greater beliefs and philosophy on life and tying it into the way you live and work. In other words, it’s time to practice every. single. thing. you preach. ;)

Luckily, many lovely things finally start coming together by February 26. As Jupiter forms a stunning positive angle with the North Node of Future Destiny, your daily grind transforms into a beautiful flow that will continue to help you soften and grow. Then, on the 27th, the Full Moon in Virgo brings you full circle with an area of study or belief system you may be becoming ready to let go of – or, on the flipside, step up and teach.  ✨



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