February 2021: Career Scope for ♍️ Virgo

Having the right daily work schedule is more important for you than almost any other sign. And this year, and especially this month, you likely be shifting many things around as you try to figure out what that is. In order to do your best work for others, you’ll need to find a supportive structure that best suits you. However, with Mercury Retrograde scrambling signals until February 20, there may not be a lot of clarity around how you want to prioritize the tasks and rituals that will take you towards your highest purpose. Instead, this is a time to experiment and play with different ideas as you try to feel things out!

While you work on getting more organized not only with your workflow but also the daily habits and rituals that set you up for success before you start your job – like eating better, getting better sleep, and moving your body – it may feel like there is an overwhelming amount to take care of and do. If you had the schedule you reeeally wanted, how would that affect your financial earning capacity? Or your spiritual studies and pursuing the subjects that will allow you to deepen your learning in the things that are currently fascinating you? Not to worry, because by the 26th, all of the puzzle pieces finally begin falling into place as a positive angle between joy planet Jupiter & the North Node in your Career Zone help set you up with a more solid plan on how you can do your work in a way that works best for you – while also making the greater, more meaningful impact on others you’ve been striving for!

Then, on the 27th, a Full Moon falls in your sign, illuminating all of the hard work you’ve been putting in to make sure you are living & working in alignment with the true you. While celebrating how far you’ve come in honoring your soul’s truth, you may also find that you are ready to say goodbye to an old version of yourself that you have now outgrown so that you can focus even more of your energy on standing up for what’s most important to 2021 you.



Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}
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