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February 2021: Career Scope for ♈️ Aries

Where’s your tribe at, Aries? That’s what you may be wondering this month as you turn your sights toward figuring out how you’d most like to be of service to your community and the world. Yet, with Mercury Retrograde moving through your 11th house of Community & Friendship until February 20, you may find that any efforts to give back and help may get delayed or confused. This has all been so that you could slow down and get back in tune with what you want to get from the transaction so you can set important boundaries before you get too swayed by others’ needs or opinions.

By February 26th, when Jupiter forms a lucky angle with the North Node of Future Destiny, the clouds part and your newfound clarity reveals all the right collaborators you’ve been needing to help you on your way to greater visibility. To help more people can finally discover and experience your value, you may be looking to expand your reach on social media, grow your newsletter subscriber count, or create free offerings to give your people a taste of what they can do – all with exceedingly excellent results now.

The Full Moon in Virgo falls on February 27th, illuminating your need for more organized systems and better habits that support both your wellbeing and your workflow. If areas of your life have fallen into disarray, this is a good time to release any excuses that have been keeping you from getting back on track. At the same time, this Full Moon marks a powerful time for completion. If you’ve gotten stuck on a job that has been draining your soul, allow this to be your cosmic go-ahead to begin to bow out gracefully so you can make more space for your true passion projects to flourish and grow.



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