Featured Career: Meet Kristi Kasahoff, Artist & Jewelry Designer

Kristi Kasahoff is an Artist & Jewelry Designer at Violet + Viva. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling…

  • Name: Kristi Kasahoff 
  • BusinessViolet + Viva
  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Sun, Moon & Rising: ♉️ Taurus Sun, ♈️ Aries Moon & ♍️ Virgo Rising
What do you feel is your cosmic calling?

Create beauty and share it with the world through a sustainable and high level of craftsmanship. I enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge about Mother Nature to inspire others to connect with her.

What are some of the clues you followed to figure out that this is what you were meant to do?

Violet and Viva are my grandmothers and I wanted to honor their creative spirits. I grew up in an artistic family that always nourished my creative spirit. One summer, I was making hemp bracelets for fun and my friends wanted to buy them. This is when my business was born.

“Having a lot of earth energy in my chart and always being connected to the trees, I knew the focus of my business would be on sharing the beauty and teachings of the trees and working with wood.”

I did not want a business that created plastic waste. My carbon footprint is very important to me. The scraps from my projects are returned to Mother Earth.

How has learning astrology helped you bring the pieces together?

Astrology is so fascinating because it brings all the pieces together that you knew were already inside of you. It is as if I was on a journey in the forest and taking in all the sights and sounds but after learning my astrology chart I now have a map of this forest. I have found a direction to my destination and I can enjoy the journey knowing the different aspects of this map.

What made you want to become a member of the Cosmic Calling Community and what are some of your favorite features?

I’ve always had this curiosity about the stars in the sky. I remember lying on the grass as a kid looking at the night sky and feeling the ancient wisdom the stars embody.

I was looking for a direct and easy way to learn astrology and that is when I came across Natalie who was being interviewed on the Squamish Medium’s podcast. I immediately knew I wanted to learn from her. The community she created is amazing; there is something special about connecting with other like-minded people.

My favorite features are the self-study classes and the way she teaches about each topic. Now when I read about the planets and their placements I have a better sense of what is going on. It no longer sounds like a foreign language.     

Another favorite is the soulful shares each week, a chance to toot your own horn and share those little wins as you go. This is important to me; I need to focus on the little wins as this keeps me moving forward to my bigger goals. The community is supportive, as they will give you a high five for your wins as well.


What is a typical workday like for you?

As of right now, I am still working my 9-5 office job.

I am an early bird, always loved the morning and the sunrise. The first thing I do is Kundalini Yoga. It’s a powerful practice to get your physical and energetic body moving. I then set an intention for the day, it is a simple practice but I’m learning how important living with intention is.

Easing into the day is important to me, you never rush a Taurus sun!

I work in the busy downtown area of the city I live in so I try to get outside as much as I can. The evenings and weekends are filled with creating, packing orders, stocking stores and updating the website.

What is your favorite thing about your work right now?

Connecting with the trees and finding beautiful pieces that I can turn into jewelry. My dad and I will find beautiful grains in the most random places; stacks of firewood, wood from the neighbor’s tree they just cut down, deadfall, and scraps from other creative’s projects. When I’m at markets and someone sees what the inside of a Birch tree looks like on a pair of earrings and they are amazed this brings me so much joy.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome along your journey to becoming a spiritual entrepreneur?

Sharing who I really am with the world. When you create art, this is an expression of your heart and soul. When Natalie said that you are enough for enough people that really resonated with me.

“It’s those returning customers at markets, the people you can inspire about the trees and their beauty and the ones that cheer you on social media are the ones that I am so grateful for.”

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out as a spiritual entrepeneur?

This teaching was shared with me when I first started and I always come back to it. Your business is like a tomato plant you started from seed. It is not going to grow tomatoes tomorrow. You have to tend to this plant, and make sure it is getting enough water, sunlight, love, and attention. This takes time but by growing this plant yourself and caring for it, it will bring you so much joy. This plant will be sustainable and will produce a lot of tomatoes in the future!

What’s next on the horizon for you? What are some of your future goals?

I am getting ready for the busy Christmas season ahead! I also started a new project called “wall jewelry”. I invested in a laser cutter that can engrave and cut wood in any shape. This opened up a completely new avenue for me. I love designing suns, moons, leaves, and different geometric shapes on the computer that are then sent to the laser to be cut out. I then combine chain and metal charms to create something unique.

I have a lot of Gemini in my chart so I have a lot of different interests, I have taken a mediumship course and I just completed my Reiki Master training so I’ve been busy with Reiki sessions as I love the power of Reiki. I am also taking an Akashic Records course in the Fall.

“My future goal is to quit my 9-5 to follow my heart and my cosmic calling. I want to create full-time with Violet & Viva, which keeps me grounded and nourishes my creative spirit.”

I also plan on continuing my spiritual path with my business “The Birch Soul” where I will be working with different modalities to guide others through their forest to help heal and deliver messages from Spirit.

I know in this lifetime what I was meant to do. I have a plan thanks to the stars…and Natalie!

Find out more about Kristi’s work here:

Kristi is a member inside the Cosmic Calling Community (and a student of Cosmic Boss University) where you can learn more about how to discover your life’s work with astrology among a community of like-minded deep-diving soul-seekers like her! ✨

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