059 | Slowing Down to Flourish More

Feeling overworked and wishing you could slow things down and enjoy more soulful flow? ✨

In this episode, I’m taking you through my story from being constantly overworked, overwhelmed and burnt out a year ago and how my journey to slowing down over the last 12 months has actually allowed me to flourish even more, despite how counter-intuitive this idea may initially seem.


  • Identifying where the idea of thinking we need to hustle to achieve more originally came from in order to re-write the story around allowing more ease and flow to become a part of the goal-reaching process
  • How undercharging is a disservice not only to you but to the people you want to serve
  • The value of working with a higher level coach or mentor who can easily see your blind spots
  • Capitalizing on your greatest strengths and talents and allowing who you already are to be enough instead of slapping on bonuses or over-discounting your offerings
  • Questioning the tasks that really need to be on your to-do list in order to be successful so you don’t fall into the trap of giving too much
  • The process I took to hire on a team including what I delegate and to which roles in order to free up my time to focus on more higher-level business tasks



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