058 | Reducing Stress with Julia Starr

Julia Starr is a life & wellness coach at Starr Health Co. and the founder of Rise: The Membership, a mentorship program that supports future female CEOs. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Julia Starr, a ♏️ Scorpio on a mission to support women in their 20’s to prioritize themselves, discover their strengths, and lead with conviction, about we can start to look at our natural inclination to get stuck in a stressed-out state in a new way and reprogram ourselves to choose a better way so we can stop compromising our wellbeing in our quest to constantly achieve more.


  • How Julia’s annoyance with the lack of female role models in CEO or leadership positions inspired her to start a mentorship program for young female professionals in their 20’s
  • Why we live in a culture where stress has become so prevalent and where the majority of stress truly comes from
  • The negative effects of experiencing chronic stress and some tips & tricks we can use to help us overcome it
  • The difference between stress & anxiety
  • Working through social anxiety



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  • Learn more about Julia’s life & business coaching at Starr Health Co.
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