030 | The Ultimate Guide to Retrogrades

What’s the deal with all of those planetary retrogrades?

All planets go into retrograde at some point. In this episode, we’re talking about all things retrogrades including why they happen, how they affect us, and how we can deal with them without getting totally thrown off our game. We also discuss how to decode what it means if you were born with retrogrades in your birth chart!

We cover:

  • What happens during a planetary retrograde and how it can affect us by making our life & career path more confusing or frustratingly slow
  • How to find out if you have any planets in retrograde on your birth chart and what it means if you do
  • How it affects us when each of the planets go into retrograde motion
  • When each planetary retrograde will occur this year, how long they will last, and which specific themes we’ll be needing to revisit during those periods
  • What a “shadow period” is and how long it lasts before and after a retrograde occurs



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Download a guide to decoding the retrograde planets on your chart by becoming a member of our Cosmic Calling Community.


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