024 | Preparing for a Powerful 2019

A new year is right around the corner. Here’s how to make it amazing… ✨

In this episode, I’m going solo to give you a head’s up on the major astrological themes that are incoming for 2019 and how you can prepare to make it a powerful year for your life & career.

We cover:

  • A reflection of the major astrological events of 2018 and how they have affected society as a whole
  • Questions to ask yourself about how far you’ve come this year and how you can write your own story for 2019
  • What’s coming up for 2019 and how you can use the astrological energy to your advantage to pursue your passions and make it an amazing year for your life & career



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  • Other resources mentioned: A Tribe Called Bliss by Lori Harder
  • Previous episodes mentioned: Episode 18 with more information about the North & South Nodes of Karma & Episode 21 with more information on how to turn your calling into a course
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