019 | Awakening to Your Soul’s Purpose with Melissa Habibi

Melissa Habibi is a lightworker, soul healer, spiritual & life coach at Child of Gaia. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ✨

In this episode, I’m chatting with Melissa Habibi, a ♐️ Sagittarius with ♌️ Leo Moon and ♉️Taurus Rising, about how she uses her empathic gifts to support healers and lightworkers to awaken and manifest their Soul’s Purpose and Destiny. We also discuss what it really means to be a lightworker, how to balance the spiritual with the practical side of working towards your bigger life mission, and how to work through emotional blocks that come up along the way.



  • How Melissa found her purpose by helping others and choosing to take conscious action by following one clue at a time
  • Why trying to find the answer in your mind is not nearly as helpful as simply getting out there and taking action to discover what feels best to you when you’re doing it
  • Why NOT knowing what your purpose is can be a sign that you are in need of soul healing to get past blocks, obstacles, fears, and emotional patterns that are holding you back
  • What it means to be a lightworker and how lightworkers can learn to work with their empathic gifts to help others without draining their energy
  • How Melissa tunes into the energy field of her clients to help them awaken to their soul’s purpose and destiny
  • How Melissa’s astrology chart reflects the unique work she does for a living
  • How she deals with nasty comments online such as Youtube being such a sensitive empathic person
  • Looking at running and growing your own business as being the ultimate spiritual journey
  • Busting the age-old myth that healers shouldn’t charge for their gifts or that they can’t make that much money
  • The importance of giving the abundance you desire an access point to come into your life through your work
  • How to stop getting stuck in your head or stuck in overwhelm and actually get things done!

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