108 | Shifting Your Work from 3D to 5D

What if attaining a higher level of success in your work really just comes down to aligning with the right vibration?✨

In this episode, I’m discussing the different dimensions – 3D, 4D, and 5D – and how, when we seek to tap into the higher vibrations, everything flows so much more smoothly in our lives & work.


  • How we will tend to approach our work when we are operating at each of these different dimensions
  • How to tap into a higher dimensional frequency more often in your work in order to bring about greater abundance, trust, and unity in the world overall
  • How working with astrology can help us check in with the vibration we’re operating from so we can seek to evolve our consciousness and get used to living in more of the 4D and eventually the 5D

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Picture of Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}

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