Career Scopes for September 2017

As the Sun continues through the sign of Virgo, refining the practical details of everyday life becomes further prioritized and the sweet feeling of essentialism reigns supreme.

While the Sun’s jaunt through the sign of bold & creative Leo last month may have spurred new ideas around how we would like to step up, be seen, and become more recognized for our efforts, ♍️ Virgo calls us to step back and plot out the most realistic course of action.

With the Sun now moving through this very particular Earth sign, we may be called to clear out our closets, refresh our healthy habits, and clean up any mental clutter that has been holding us back from moving forward feeling more like we’re in the flow.

The question of the month is, “What can you say no to, to make your full-bodied YES even stronger?” This time is all about prioritizing and whittling down your focus to concentrate on the most important elements of the work you care about most on a daily basis. Virgo also favors organization, purity, perfection, nutrition, minimalism, being of service, and making sure everything you’ve got going on can happen in a much more orderly & efficient fashion.

Now that Eclipse Season is starting to soften, Mercury Retrograde has finally wound down, and taskmaster Saturn is zooming full speed ahead, we can finally safely chart a practical course to take us where we want to go next. ?

The most major upcoming astrological events over the next month include:

  • Mercury Retrograde Ends – September 5, 2017
  • Full Moon in Pisces – September 6, 2017
  • New Moon in Virgo – September 20, 2017
  • Libra Season Begins – September 22, 2017
  • Pluto Retrograde Ends – September 28, 2017

What will this month have in store for your zodiac sign specifically? Find out below…


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(March 21 – April 19)

Ready to clear away all the mental clutter that’s been clogging your brainwaves? As the Sun glides through Virgo and your 6th house of Daily Routines, the time is here to get to work on putting together proactive solutions that can help you move forward on the path to writing your next success story. Mercury Retrograde in this same sign may have had you re-thinking how best to organize the details, but now you get the go ahead to clearly think your way out of any situations that have been challenging you over the past several weeks.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th brings a chance for you to get back in touch with your deeper mission in life so you can hone in on your grandest visions for work. What do you feel compelled to create? This is the time to cast aside the excuses and prepare to take a giant step forward into the next chapter with an extra dose of clarity fueling your decisions.

As this month begins to fade, your focus switches from the small details to the bigger picture decisions that may be so big that you may even need a partner to help you knock it out of the park. Be prepared to collaborate or merge with someone who can help support you in taking the next step. Although your independent spirit doesn’t always like to give up the reigns, just knowing you have a friend, colleague or romantic partner a phone call away can mean the difference between overwhelm and a wild success.

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(April 20 – May 20)

What’s lighting your fire now? This month, the Sun cruises through Virgo and your 5th house of Fun, Fame & Creativity, getting you excited and inspired to take a shot at a new creative project. You may have had to go back to the drawing board a few times already as Mercury Retrograde lingered throughout this same area of your chart, but now all systems are GO and you’ll finally be ready to get out there and turn some heads.

After the Full Moon in Pisces peaks on September 6th, you may even realize you finally have all the right people in your circle to help you pull off something major. Include others in your grandest plans to see what amazing things can be born when you have a whole team of supporters backing your efforts. Saturn has been on your back all year reminding you to secure your business or money-making efforts for the long road ahead, so it will be even better if you can use your next project to retrain your gaze towards an increase in financial sustainability.

As we near the month’s end, you may have so much going on that you will need to learn how to better prioritize to keep all of the smaller details in check. With the zone of your chart that rules Health, Work & Daily Routines becoming all lit up, the need to stop juggling and get organized and on track will grow in importance and the daily habits that stabilize you may need to become even more strengthened themselves.

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(May 21 – June 20)

Home is where the heart is! As the Sun frolics through Virgo and your 4th house of Home, Family & Long-term Security, you’re officially in the market to find a comfier spot to land. With the mishaps of Mercury Retrograde now slowly fading in the rear view mirror, you can finally look towards the long road ahead. Perhaps this means it’s time to set a goal to physically move yourself to a fancier nest or simply work on mastering a plan for financial freedom that can help support you & those who surround you well into the future.

Once the Full Moon in Pisces passes through on September 6th, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come in your career endeavors since the beginning of the year. You are totally meant to be where you are for a reason – embrace it! And while you’re at it, why not release any thoughts, ideas, or doubts that have been holding you back from confidently climbing the ladder even higher?

As September comes to a close, new creative projects may be bubbling up to the surface to re-capture your attention while offering the juicy potential of adding an extra dose of fun & excitement to your life. In a world of unlimited possibilities paired with your love of the unexpected, the rest of us can only wonder which magical new horizon you will choose to jump over next!

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(June 21 – July 22)

What are the things that make your soul shine the brightest? After a month of gaining deeper wisdom around what matters the most to you in life, the bulk of September will be all about getting out into the world to claim it! As the Sun crosses through Virgo and your 3rd house of Social Networking, making strong connections with the people and places that can help you embrace more of what you love to do should be placed high on your agenda.

With the watery waves from the Full Moon in Pisces flowing in on September 6th, you may find yourself getting back in touch with old interests that have intrigued you or perhaps dreaming about subjects that you had long tried to forget about. This is a time to let go of the old and release some of the wilder notions (or negative emotions) that have only been distracting you from the magical goodness that is already present in the here and now.

Meanwhile, you have one final month of the abundant planet Jupiter crossing through your zone of Home, Family & Long-term Security before it moves on to bless an entirely different area of your life. Any final thoughts or ideas you may have around how you can improve your home life or solidify financial solutions for the future should not be put off as this joyful planet will not be back in this zone for another 12 years!

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(July 23 – August 22)

After the blazing fires of Leo season came in to help you forge a whole new outlook on life, you now have some big decisions to make. As the Sun finesses its way through Virgo and your 2nd house of Love & Money, it’s time to set some major goals for what you would truly like to receive for all of your creative efforts & hard work. Is it a certain number of figures you’d like to hit? Or just the glamour of becoming known for what you do on a bigger level? Do what you need to do to get clear on what your thing is so you can start to specifically call it in by name.

In with the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th also comes a mixture of magical manifestations to celebrate AND potentially a flurry of fears to nix. Sniff out where your current insecurities truly lie so you can actually do the hard work to remove them from the equation and allow yourself to keep moving forward with a stronger sense of confidence that is no longer about faking it ’til you make it but the real thing instead.

You have important stuff to share with the world, and our strict teacher Saturn is going to continue to make sure you stay on task. As this planet of constrictions continues forward in your Creativity sector, you are being pulled to create structure around your gifts and package them up to deploy to the world. Luckily, Jupiter is still in your Networking zone for one more month, so you are fully allowed to reach out to others who can help you further your cause.

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(August 23 – September 22)

Not going to lie, you may have had a super tough past month trying to figure out WTF you’re supposed to be doing. It certainly didn’t help that Mercury decided to go into retrograde in your sign, but now that the uncertainties are beginning to fade away you can start to get clearer on where you truly want to be. Luckily, this month the Sun will be shining its sparkling rays down on you, reinvigorating your soul so you can forge ahead with your master plan for world domination. It’s time to gather all of the details and prepare to create some major magic!

With the Full Moon falling in your opposite sign of Pisces on September 6th, there may still be a few odds & ends to smooth over before you’re totally in the clear, but this will be an excellent time to let go of any people in particular that have only seemed to be holding you back. You may need to clear the playing field (or somehow decide to silence the haters) in order to turn up the volume on your inner voice and cultivate a stronger sense of independent self-worth.

And now that our strict teacher planet Saturn is a pointing the way forward in your zone of Home, Family & Long-term Security, it is most definitely time to get real about how you want your future to play out. Although this area of your chart is all about finding ways to heighten your comfort levels, Saturn may be forcing you out of your comfort zone to get there. These plans have already been a long time coming, however, so don’t be afraid to do what you need to do to take that leap!

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(September 23 – October 22)

Alas, Mercury Retrograde has finally come to an end! However, you may still need some time to calm down from the craziness and figure out where you’re really going with your life & career efforts. This month, the Sun will mainly be moving through your 12th house of Spiritual Pursuits, prodding you to dive more deeply into the details behind the reasons why you do what you do. What is the point of living or working if you’re not going to do it right? In other words, how can you add more magical meaning to your daily grind?

With the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th uncovering the need to become more diligent in how you arrange your days, you may begin to realize that some of the things you’re doing now are not taking you where you really want to go. Pay attention to how you truly feel about some of the more mundane motions you’ve been putting yourself through so you can consciously choose to make your life’s canvas more of an inspired work of art.

This is also the last month that Jupiter will be blessing your sign with its dreamy glow of abundance aimed directly at you. This has been your year to step it up and own your power on your own terms. Branding projects and personal makeovers get their final boost up until October 10th, so don’t be afraid to assert yourself and take a stand on how you want to be seen. You won’t get another shot in the spotlight like this until late 2028!

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(October 23 – November 21)

September is your season to get out and mingle! As the Sun saunters through your 11th house of Community & Friendship, your social life gets a big boost. It’s not just about finding a tribe of like-minded super fans to cohort with, however, it’s also about finding something you can offer that is super valuable in return. The more you can show others you’re on their side, the more the new followers will flock and soul sister supporters will be lining up to get on your good side too.

As the Full Moon in Pisces flows into your fellow water sign on September 6th, there may be some hidden emotions or creative ideas that haven’t quite made their way out into the material reality yet somehow are now coming up to the wavy surface of your inner psyche. This is a good time to focus on the projects you want to focus on just for you, too, as all that people pleasing in the outside world truly needs to be fueled by your own happily fed inner spark.

Later this month, on the 28th, your ruling planet Pluto slowly slides out of retrograde to join the others in a forward-moving motion that will finally allow you to evolve to the next level by boosting important connections with some of the other amazing goal-getters who surround you. Look around to see who you could team up with as collaborations that have been building under the surface can finally break out into the light of day to have their moment to shine!

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(November 22 – December 21)

Come down off that stack of books, Sagittarius! After a month of following your curiosities and gathering new ideas and information to add to your repertoire of wisdom, the Sun now turns your gaze upon your Career Zone. It’s time to take all of the intriguing things you’ve been learning and set up a structure that will allow you to present it to the world in your own special way. You have a message the people need to hear, so step up on your soapbox and declare it to the world to make your voice known!

With the Full Moon in Pisces landing in your Home & Long-term Security zone on September 6th, some fears around not having what you need to feel truly comfortable in your personal life may show their scary side. This is not happening just to freak you out, but to make you aware that there’s probably a part of you that has been craving a more solid form of security than your freedom-seeking sign may usually like to admit. Ask yourself how you can work this inner knowledge into your long-term goal setting so you can come to trust that your deeper desires are definitely on the way.

Meanwhile, our strict teacher planet Saturn is back at it again zooming forward in your sign, making you its teacher’s pet and calling you out in front of the class to get your stuff together when it comes to how you present yourself and show up to the world. This is an important time to do your homework and become an “A” student by fine-tuning your outward appearance, honing your voice, and becoming a respected leader in your own right.

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(December 22 – January 19)

Slide that boredom aside! Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to get more organized around your finances and business efforts over the last month, because it’s time to make room in your budget for a little more magic. As the Sun vrooms through Virgo and your 9th house of Travel & Higher Education, you may be more than ready to dive into a new interest by taking a class or picking up a fresh stack of books to get lost in.

After the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th, you may find that your current circumstances have been distracting you from the lovely things that really light up your heart. Use this emotional moon to ditch the boredom and get back in touch with a sense of wonder to widen your horizons and allow yourself to see more of what this big, wonderful world has to offer beyond your near-sighted neighborhood.

In some ways, it may have been quite a confusing year for you, with Saturn in retrograde in your zone of Spiritual Pursuits for the last several months. Now that both Mercury & Saturn are moving ahead and Jupiter is blessing your Career Zone for one more month, you can start to get back in touch with the personal interests that really mean the most to you. Dig deep and listen to the voices in your head that are pulling you to work on an important project, but be sure to question if they’re coming from a place of fear or a place of love. Follow your bliss and you will eventually find that your ruler Saturn will help you get right where you need to be!

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(January 20 – February 18)

Money flows where clarity goes! Now that Mercury Retrograde has ended and the Sun is surging through Virgo and your 8th house of Business, you can safely set forth to set up your business or career moves to become better able to deliver more of the type of financial results you’ve been foraging for. Chances are all of this backtracking and back spinning has uncovered a few gems of wisdom on how to do things a better way anyway!

As the Full Moon in Pisces enters the scene on September 6th, you may realize there are still so many things you really want that you haven’t gotten… yet. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of making more of your wildest dreams come true! Your inner emotions are not meant to remain hidden or ignored. Listen carefully to how you feel so you can use this meaningful information to build a to do list that can help you create more of the life & career you really crave.

Meanwhile, with Saturn now heading forward again in your Friendship & Community Sector, you may once again feel pressured to make a stand for the people who surround you. How can you reach out and lend a helping hand to the causes you care about? Perhaps you could use your social platform to spread a much-needed message or find another unique way to make it known that you’re someone who wants to help make the world a better place in your own special way.

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(February 19 – March 20)

Ready for a dose of reality? This month, as the Sun moves through your opposite sign of Virgo and your 7th house of Relationships, your dreamiest ideas may be tested as you chart a course to make the magical things of your imagination happen in the real world. Not to fret though, because this time of year is also ripe for bringing new people into your life to help support your greater vision, so try to be open to reaching out to forge new friendships, starting up a business collaboration, or even cozying up closer to someone in a more romantic regard.

With this month’s Full Moon landing squarely in your sign on September 6th, there are two trains of thought vying for your attention. There’s the old you that you used to be, and the new you that is still emerging. Allow these two sides to shake hands and agree to move forward in peace. You have come so far since your birthday and there is still so much further you can swim once you let go of any emotional baggage that has somehow still been weighing you down.

While Saturn is still really pressuring you to continue stepping it up in your Career Zone, your co-ruler Jupiter is continuing to bless your business efforts for one final month. These two areas clearly go hand and hand, so use the supercharge of these two powerful planets to release any remaining self-doubt and bust out to make a major move to build up your own company or harness your bravery to step into a more prestigious position with higher pay!

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