Career Scopes for November 2017

As we deepen into the ending of the year that has been 2017, the Sun begins transitioning out of serious-minded Scorpio and into studious Sagittarius this month, helping us ease out of the shadows of our soul and into the light-filled magic beyond.

Ever since the last week of October, we have been journeying into a quieter time of the year that has been all about inner transformation and getting in touch with how we feel deep beneath the surface. Are you being creatively fulfilled by your work? Or are there hidden pieces of you that are still longing to come through?

With the Sun moving out of ♏️ Scorpio and into ♐️ Sagittarius on November 22nd, we will finally reach the end of this inner journey to wholeness and begin a whole new adventure. After some of the heavy feelings have begun to dissipate and you’ve learned to let go of the things that are no longer bringing you joy, the exciting work of deciding what type of magic you’ll invite into your life & career next will officially begin.

Neptune will also finally be ending its long 5-month retrograde in Pisces later in the month to help us all become much clearer around our dream visions for the future and take some more solid steps to make it so. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to take an inventory of how fulfilled you’re really feeling with your work and have the courage to experiment with new ideas & make changes regardless of how you perceive others will take it. This is your life & your career – it’s your job and yours alone to make it absolutely amazing! ✨

What does this month have in store for your zodiac sign specifically? Find out below…


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(March 21 – April 19)

What will it take to get you where you want to be, dear Aries? This month, the Sun will be shining a bright spotlight on your business’ bottom line and your 8th house of Business & Finance. Managing your money and creating a secure safety net is an important focus for you at the moment, so if you’ve been somewhat hazy about how much money you’re making or just wishfully hoping you’ll reach your financial goals by the end of the year, then it’s high time to take another look at the actual numbers involved and brainstorm some exciting new ways to boost them up.

By the time the New Moon in Scorpio hits on November 18th, you’ll hopefully have a much better idea on how to sustain the type of success you wish to experience in the future, and this is a wonderful time to envision where your efforts may take you over the next 6 months. With Neptune also ending its long retrograde a few days later on the 22nd, its especially important that you set goals with soul because if your vision for the future isn’t rooted in a deeper meaning or purpose (that you can somehow stick up on your wall or keep at the forefront of your mind day in and day out), you may have some trouble staying committed to your money goals for the long haul.

Meanwhile, your ruler Mars is blessing your Relationship zone this month, so perhaps you’ll want to consider doing more 1-on-1 work or partnering up with a coach who can help you make bigger things happen. Or how about starting a mini-mastermind with someone who has similar goals as you do so you can cheer each other on and provide some mutual support as you both make the climb to the top of your careers?

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(April 20 – May 20)

Who’s got your back, Taurus? As the Sun looms over your 7th house of Relationships, the focus for you this month is on partnerships and the people you have to support you in your work & daily life. If you’re usually not one who likes to ask for help, it may be time to change that. Perhaps it’s time to take on a business partner, seek out a healer, or deepen your connection with someone romantically. With your ruler love & beauty planet Venus also blessing your Relationship zone now, life can truly be so much sweeter when you have someone to share both your stumbling blocks & successes with!

It’s good to get clear on what your needs are in the first place, however, before you bring someone else into the picture. The Full Moon in your sign on the 4th may have been extra strength for you in terms of clearing out old fears and coming back into contact with the subconscious ideas & beliefs you have about yourself, but normally try to ignore. Realizing how far you’ve come on your own and what you feel you’re still lacking is the first step to turning things around and opening your heart up to outside help. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th is especially lucky for calling in the kind of supportive relationship you’re craving most.

Now that Neptune is also ending its long retrograde period in your 11th house of Community on the 22nd, you may finally be able to get clearer on who you’re here to serve and how you can be most helpful to others as well. Look within yourself – or pay closer attention to the odd things people seem to praise you for – and I think you’ll find you have so much more to offer the world than you may have been giving yourself credit for!

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(May 21 – June 20)

How good have you been at balancing it all? This month, the Sun is jetting through your 6th house of Work & Daily Routines to help you notice more of what is not working in your schedule so you can try to find ways to re-evaluate where your focus really needs to go (like on your overall wellness maybe). Do you wake up in a frazzle, pop some food in your mouth and then run around like a crazy person all day? Eventually, something’s gotta give.

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th may have brought out your wild mystical side, or perhaps a side of you that you normally keep hidden. This was a time for you to release anything in your life that is not taking you towards that bigger picture vision of where you actually want to be. The good news is that once you become clear on what you don’t want, you can get so much clearer on what you do, and suddenly prioritizing your daily life with purpose will feel even more important. Use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th to dream up your ideal weekly schedule and then take steps to make it happen in the next 6 months!

Meanwhile, now that Neptune’s long retrograde is ending on the 22nd, you can also begin to get a little more clear on where you would like your career efforts to be taking you too. You may have been feeling some confusion on what you really want to be doing for work, but soon you’ll be finally able to move forward with the help of a few good clues.

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(June 21 – July 22)

While Scorpio season may seem somewhat heavy for most, with the Sun moving and shaking through your 5th house of Fun & Creativity, you are in your natural element. This is a lovely time to express yourself and dive deep to bring more of your heart into the work you’re doing. Start a new project just for you – something that’s been on your mind but you haven’t yet given time for it to come through. Others may be quite inspired by your clever imagination too!

The truth is that you really can’t please everyone anyway. So, if the Full Moon revealed some issues you’ve been having with the people around you, what better reason to focus more on what you want to do? Enchant with your passion and the right people will be especially attracted to what you have to offer. And please do not be worrying about whether or not you’ve got it all figured out yet! You can use this month’s New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th to set a clear intention for where you would most like to be channeling your creativity and watch it play out as slowly & comfortably as you’d like over the next 6 months.

Meanwhile, Neptune has been in retrograde for 5 long months since mid-June. During this time, you may have been feeling somewhat unsure of where your true interests lie or where your next dose of magic can be found, but now that things are turning around, any ideas or goals based on traveling, studying, teaching, or taking a course may soon become much more detailed for you. Pay attention to your dreams for extra clues!

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(July 23 – August 22)

Time to bring it all home, Leo. This month, the Sun cruises through your 4th house of Home, Family & Long-term Security, putting your focus on your personal life and making life more cozy for yourself and the ones you love the most. You may also want to put some time into thinking about the future of your living situation – whether that means re-decorating, planning a big move, or simply going over your long-range goals. Where do you truly want to see yourself in the next few years? Talk it out with the people you hold near & dear.

As the Full Moon’s rays illuminate all of the efforts you’ve been putting into your career on the 4th, you may also start to realize you are meant for even more. Whatever your big life dream may be, a good plan may be just the thing you need to feel into the plentiful possibilities of your potential. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th will be just the time to set your sights on the cushy foundation you’re hoping to build for yourself and set a clear intention for the long run.

Meanwhile, Neptune will be heading out of its long retrograde on the 22nd. Ever since mid-June, you may have had to reconsider how you can make multitudes of money in a way that feels more brilliantly blessed. With this planet of dreams & ideals soon to be turning back around, your business ideas may finally begin to come together to form a vision of financial freedom you’ll actually be quite excited to get behind.

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(August 23 – September 22)

Got something big brewing behind the scenes of your psyche? This month, the Sun is zooming through your 3rd house of Social Networking, helping you get out and about to find the right people to share your brilliant ideas with. If you have an exciting goal, there may be someone in your network who can help you make it so! Reach out to the right crowd and let them know what you’re looking to do. By sharing your message, you become a lighthouse calling all of the like-minded people towards you… and you never know what kind of amazing people will want to come to your aid.

The Full Moon in fellow Earth sign Taurus may have brought distractions or fears that you don’t know enough to move forward quite yet. Put aside the perfectionism, Virgo, you are enough just the way you are, and if you don’t take the first step now… then when? You’ll learn the most by doing (and asking for help too), so use the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th to set a powerful intention for the kind of people you want to call in to work alongside you to help you make your big vision take off.

Meanwhile, the planet of dreams, ideals, and confusion, Neptune, will finally end its 5-month long retrograde in your 7th house of Relationships on the 22nd. You may have been more than a little confused about what you want in a partner – whether business or romantic – but with this elusive planet finally turning around, you can finally formulate a dream scenario that is truly worth aiming for.

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(September 23 – October 22)

What do you want and why do you want it? This month, the Sun is dancing through your 2nd house of Love & Money, bringing in a time of soul searching and reckoning with your own sense of self-worth. If there is something, in particular, you’ve been craving – like more money, recognition, or a more fulfilling way of working – you may have to suck it up and be the one to give it to yourself. Money blocks are no joke, and self-fulfilling prophesies can be the stuff of nightmares. If you truly feel you deserve something more, then do not be afraid to step up and grab it. Success is yours for the taking – if only you will give yourself permission to go after the life you really want.

With the Full Moon beaming its light down on your money business and the ways some of your previously hidden beliefs have gotten in the way of your earnings on the 4th, it will be especially important to get clear on your true goals and why they matter to you in the first place. Work for work’s sake (or money’s sake) is a bore… fuel your daily grind with feeling and it will become worth so much more. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th is your call to envision, quite clearly, exactly what you want so you can firm up the foundations to turn it from just a fantasy to ‘for real’.

Good old Neptune hasn’t been much help lately either when it comes to deciding what your ideal life & work situation would really look like for you, but once this planet of dreams & ideals moves out of its 5-month long retrograde on the 22nd, you will soon have a better idea of the kind of lifestyle that would really suit you so you can start taking some solid steps to make it so.

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(October 23 – November 21)

This is a month of transformation for you, dear Scorpio. With the Sun simmering in your sign throughout most of this month, it is time for you to break out into the open and bring your heart’s desires into the light of day. If you have been confused or unsure of yourself, this is the time to remedy that by putting yourself out there in a way that feels the most right to you right now. As a Scorpio, you are always changing, growing, and evolving anyways, and the goal is always going to be to move in the direction of what makes you feel the best.

The Full Moon on the 4th may have been somewhat uncomfortable since it fell in your opposite sign, but it was meant to remind you to release anyone or anything that has been holding you back from going after your own dreams in life. Let your soul shine as brightly as you want, regardless of what you think the people around you can handle. Personal branding projects are great for you this month so you can start showing the world what you’re really made of. You can also use the New Moon in Scorpio (your sign!) on the 18th to set a powerful intention on how you would like to continue to show up in the world on an even grander scale over the next 6 months.

Meanwhile, Neptune finally ends its long retrograde period in your zone of Fun & Creativity on the 22nd, helping you get clearer on the ways your creativity energy would most like to be conducted. Once again, this is not about what other people want from you, it’s about what you most need and want to see in the world and creating it for yourself. Be bold enough to believe in your biggest dreams, and your most exciting project ideas can start zooming ahead with extra zest soon enough!

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(November 22 – December 21)

Have your dreams been a little crazier than normal? That’s probably because the Sun and Jupiter are both sitting right inside your 12th house of Mystical Pursuits at the moment. This can be a time when your intuitive abilities are at extra strength, but this dose of what may sometimes feel like delirium can also bring up fears and memories to haunt you. Fret not, because this is actually a really wonderful time for imagining all of the wondrous possibilities too. You are getting ready to begin a new cycle at the end of the month, so use this prep time to brainstorm what your bliss looks like and release bad vibes to move towards a greater purpose that helps you finally fully break away from the past.

With the Full Moon’s rays shimmering down on your scheduled routines and rituals on the 4th, you may have realized you also need to release any bad habits or poor time management issues that are keeping you from living a more meaningful (and more well balanced) existence. Do you pile up too much on your plate – and then burn out from the overwhelming quest to keep up? If you’re continuously putting your wellbeing on the back burner, it’s time to switch things around. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th can be useful for setting a powerful intention on how you want to live your days more consciously and put yourself in a better position to prioritize the things that truly matter most.

Near the end of this month, Neptune will begin turning things around in your zone of Long-term Planning as well, giving you a decisive dose of clarity around your long-range plans and how you might like to go about creating a firmer financial foundation for yourself in the future. For now, move along with the knowing that many things will start to make a lot more sense soon enough!

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(December 22 – January 19)

Rally the troops, Capricorn! Right now the Sun is sauntering through your 11th house of Friendship & Community, helping you widen your circle by offering something even sweeter to those who surround you. If you run a business, this is a great time for marketing, promotions, and e-mail opt-in freebie creation so you can show off the value of what you’re selling to those who may need it most. For those working in a job, you might instead look for ways to branch out and help your friends or people in your community to bring more purpose to your personal time. This month, the best rewards will come when you count helping others become better as part of your achievements.

With the Full Moon lighting up your creative aspirations on the 4th, a project that is special to you may have finally reached culmination. If there are still wrinkles in the plan, smooth them out as best you can and then move on. Perfection is not necessarily always attainable, and the sooner you finish, the sooner you can help inspire others with your much-needed brand of magic. On the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, set a powerful intention on how far and wide of an audience you are wanting to reach so you can spend the next 6 months with a clear vision of how much fuel to put into spreading your ideas like wildfire.

In other news, Neptune’s long retrograde period will be ending in your zone of networking on the 22nd. You may have been somewhat unsure of who your true friends are or even who your dream clients really are (and how to market to them in a language they can understand). With this exciting turn of events, finding the perfect people to associate with among the stormy sea of social media will become so much simpler in time.

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(January 20 – February 18)

Time to shine your light loud & proud! This month, with the Sun cruising through your 10th house of Career, your efforts may finally see you soaring. Any hard work you put in during this month will pay off in spades, so put your nose to the grindstone and work. it. out. Others will be increasingly inspired by your tenacity and good ideas, so give them an excellent show that they will not soon forget. This time only comes around once every year… put it to good use and don’t be afraid to make a major move!

Part of the reason for all the hard work & hustle may come from the Full Moon’s x-ray like abilities to drudge up fears around the stability of your financial foundations on the 4th. If you have been wishing for a cushier sense of security and safety, this may finally give you the kick you need to put your long-range plans into super drive. Use the potent New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th to really get extra clear on the big picture vision for where you would like to end up in your career to make these goals of yours feel more near.

Meanwhile, the ending of Neptune’s super long retrograde period will bring additional gifts of understanding around what you really want as well as why you want it. You may have been somewhat unsure of what your true goals really are all about (or how to go about getting them), but soon they will become much more obvious to you in time. For now, focus on day by day progress to create a feeling of success!

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(February 19 – March 20)

Where has your mind wandered off to now, dear Pisces? This month, the Sun shines on your 9th house of Travel & Higher Education, helping you widen your horizons and seek magic beyond the boundaries of your everyday life. Perhaps you are looking to take a class, travel somewhere new, or teach others something of your own. Follow your curiosities to stumble on to your next creative venture, and watch as the world opens up to you in exciting ways all along the way!

If you’ve already been working quite hard to put yourself out there this year, the Full Moon on the 4th may call in others who want to rally around your cause. You could be featured somewhere or join up with someone cool on a collaboration that has the potential to take you even further! Meanwhile, the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th is excellent timing for setting a powerful intention for where you might want your creative pursuits to take you next.

With your ruling planet Neptune moving backwards for 5 long months in your sign, you’ve been doing a whole lot of experimenting around how you would like most to show up in the world. But now that this planet of dreams & ideals is turning around on the 22nd, you will soon have a much clearer idea of how you want to soar to new heights and allow yourself to be seen!

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