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Astrology Chart

Get a custom design of your astrology chart to remind you of your soul's magic!

Ready to dive into your soul blueprint & discover the amazing potential that you hold?

Then you need your birth chart! Your custom printable PDF astrology chart will show you the exact location of your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign, planetary & other points based on where they were in the sky when you were born – including the sign, house, degree, and angles to other points. 

This offering is just the chart. It’s for those wanting to do a self-study of their chart – or – those who want to simply print it off and hang it up as art. 

You can choose to enter in any birth date whether it’s yours, a wedding day, business start date, or even the birthday of a friend to study or give to them as a gift.

Important: There are NO interpretations offered, however, you will receive a key showing what each symbol is. If you’d like, you can join the Cosmic Calling Community or read my book to learn how to decode it for yourself.

*Each chart is custom designed just for you by a real person,
so please allow 2 business days for your chart to be delivered.

Not sure how to find your exact birth time?

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