Career Alchemy Sessions

Are you ready to discover your cosmic calling? ✨

Career Alchemy Sessions are one part astrology reading and one part career coaching session designed to help you dive into a deeper sense of clarity around your dream life & career.

These sessions are especially powerful for:

  • Creative & intuitive truth seekers wishing to design a life + career that are deeply aligned with their soul purpose.
  • Entrepreneurial soul searchers looking for more clarity and confidence in launching, branding or promoting themselves & creating a career they wholeheartedly love.
  • Those who have been feeling a little bit lost, confused, or off track with their current career path.
  • Or anyone who is simply curious about astrology and the idea of peering into the future of their life + career to gain more clarity around the path ahead!

I’ll consult your astrological birth chart to uncover your soul purpose and look at how the planets are affecting you now, in the past, and in the future so you can reunite with your inner magic and make a feel-good plan for the path ahead.

You will also end up with a frame-worthy birth chart design, a visual summary of the most major aspects of your calling, plus a personalized yearly forecast with upcoming dates.

 All I need to get started is the exact date, time & location of your birthday.

Even though these sessions are all about diving deep, my aim is for it to feel more like a fun & casual conversation with a trusty guide who understands you on a soul level and truly wants to help you succeed in your life & career!

You do not need to have had any prior experience with astrology beforehand because I’ll be breaking it all down for you with relevant and modern language to bring you clarity & confidence on your path toward creating the life + career you were always born to have.

All sessions are held over audio or video call via Zoom & will be recorded for your convenience.



  • How you’re feeling about your career & where you are currently being led to go next.
  • What your unique astrological blueprint has to reveal about your true calling & soul purpose.
  • A list of upcoming dates to look out for major growth and when to make future life + career moves for the next year.
  • Practical, actionable, down-to-earth guidance to help you move forward with clarity.

*Optional – Included in your session, we can also compare your personal chart with: a business chartanother person’s chart, or *astrocartography maps for up to 2 continents (for $50 more). You’ll be asked to include any relevant information on dates, times, & locations for any of the above in your booking questionnaire.


$333 USD



Wondering how well you work with another person in your life (either in business, friendship or romantically)? Include another person’s date, time, and city of birth in your questionnaire to receive an overview of how your charts compare.


Provide your business’ start date & location (and time, if you have it) to receive an in-depth overview of what your business needs to succeed including branding & marketing tips… and you can even find out the real reasons why you started your business to begin with!
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Thinking about moving or traveling somewhere new? We can also compare your chart with the astrocartography maps of up to 2 continents so you can understand how the energy of a new place may affect your life + career.
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*NOTE: Business & Relationship Chart analysis is included in your session if desired. You have the option to add Astrocartography to your session for an additional $50 USD for 1-2 continents.

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What others are saying:

“I absolutely loved my Career Alchemy Session with Natalie and wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who is interested in exploring their career in a different light. Natalie helped me to better understand certain elements of my personality and behaviour and provided me with some suggestions about how I can maximise my strengths in my career and business. It was a little spooky how accurate the reading was, with Natalie uncovering little details about my inner workings! Overall, I found the session to be incredibly insightful and I will use Natalie’s guidance to plan out any major launches or changes in my career and business, to be in line with the natural shifts in my energy and mindset.”

~ Rebecca McFarland, Career Coach at Pop Your Career, Australia ★★★★★

“It was astonishing to hear someone who doesn’t know me mirror everything I’ve felt to be true about myself and my business.  The session with you was very affirming and validating, and I’m so encouraged to know that my intuition and instincts are right, I am moving myself in the right direction, and then to have some guidance on marketing myself and my services.”

~ Leslie, Business Strategist at Benchmark Business Services, USA ★★★★★

“My reading with Natalie was really insightful and will have helped put me on the path to fulfilling my professional dreams. As someone who constantly questions herself and can’t figure out what she wants and likes, it was so nice to hear about how much potential I had to do great things, and how to go about reaching my goals. I learned about strengths I inherently knew I had, but had neglected to acknowledge and let shine. I’d previously been to see a professional career counselor and can safely tell you that my Career Alchemy session will have done a much better job at allowing me to narrow down what I want and don’t want, and which path to follow. If you’re feeling lost or confused about how you can best utilize your strengths to flourish and contribute to the world, then definitely consider booking a session!”

~ Julie Garred, Teacher, Canada ★★★★★

“I was very impressed at how much the reading resonated with my personality and goals. I never realized how much the planets impacted the way I think, and I feel I have a much better understanding of why I am the way I am. I also feel I have more clarity about my future! Highly recommend, thank you so much Natalie!”

~ Deja Osbourne, Artist & Graphic Designer at Deja Drew It, USA ★★★★★

“This was the most amazing reading! It was so incredibly on point and Natalie is so insightful. This reading really helped boost my confidence in my business and my path, it really solidified so many things for me and it completely changed my outlook on so many things. I can’t thank you enough Natalie!”

~ Jordana Zurita, Tarot Reader & Crystal Healer at House of Swords, USA ★★★★★

“My Career Alchemy Session with Natalie was SO validating and SO rich with insight. What she explained to me (and the way she explained it) helped me to move forward in my business and life powerfully. The session also helped me understand a pattern/wound from an entirely new lens of perspective, which led to another breakthrough! I am SO grateful for our time together, and highly recommend booking a session for yourself!”

~ Jillian Anderson, Jillian-Anderson.com, USA ★★★★★

“Connecting with Natalie for my Career Alchemy Session was an incredibly enlightening experience. Her gentle guidance alongside the astrology confirms just what I’ve been feeling for myself. If you’re not familiar with astrology work, you MUST gift yourself this life-confirming experience. It’s as if Natalie already ‘knew’ me by sharing the exact guidance I needed in order to move forward. Thanks for sharing your light with the world and supporting me along my journey. xo”

~ Brittney Carmichael, Psychic Soul Coach at BrittneyCarmichael.com, USA ★★★★★

“I really enjoyed my Career Alchemy Session that brought insights and confirmations in exactly the right time! It was like Natalie was summarizing my entire life thus far including personality traits, life challenges and spiritual discoveries and gifts, as well as capturing my hopes and desires for the future beautifully. It left me with more clarity, confidence and feeling exactly on the right path. Thank you Natalie!”

~ Alexa Marie Cederholm, Channeler at Inner Peace Goddess, Sweden ★★★★★

“My reading from Soulshine Astrology gave me the insight I was looking for. I truly loved how beautifully she explained my astrological positions and how they point out to what are the best actions for me to take, where my energy needs to go and what my soul came here to do! Thank you for the insightful reading. It looks so beautiful that I will print it out and have it somewhere I can look at it, and be reminded of what is possible for me as long as I take the leap towards my dreams.”

~ Val Casalderrey, Flower Essence Healer at The Soul Essence, USA ★★★★★

“My Career Alchemy session with Natalie was wonderful! She provided me so much information and guidance. Not only do I have a better understanding of myself as I am now, but I received some knowledge as to what’s coming up for me to work on within myself in the coming years. It was beautiful, fun, accurate, and I would recommend to anyone! Whether you have specific questions or just general curiosity – it will be well worth it! Natalie truly has a very special gift.”

~ Rachel Catherine, Lightworker at Learning to Glow, USA ★★★★★

Meet your new personal Career Astrologer…

Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein! After completely surprising myself by realizing I no longer wanted to be a graphic designer in 2016 – my dream job from as far back as I could remember – I went off in search of work that would be more meaningful and fulfilling and stumbled upon my astrology chart.

In learning to read the language of the stars as written in my chart, I came to discover that I was actually meant to help others on a deeper spiritual level. Eventually, I was finally able to connect the dots and realize that my intuitive gifts & mystical sense of knowing were not for nothing and I was truly born to be an astrologer all along. Embarking on this work and finally embodying my true, authentic self while finally harnessing my own soul gifts, I realized what an incredible tool astrology could be in helping others also tap into their authentic selves and create the life & career they were always born to have, too!

Through my work with Career Astrology, I help creative & intuitive truth seekers unlock their cosmic calling and re-connect with their soul purpose to bring more of their personal brand of much-needed magic into the world.  >> Read more!