Work With Me

Astrology Readings
and Career Coaching


Gain greater clarity around your ideal higher calling with personalized 1-on-1 guidance.

One-part astrology reading and one-part career coaching session, I’ll consult your astrological birth chart to uncover your soul purpose and look at how the planets are affecting you now, in the past, and in the future so you can reunite with your inner magic. 

Make a feel-good plan for your career path so you can help serve the world with your unique gifts and talents in a way that also serves you soulfully in return.


A program for existing entrepreneurs to let go of pressure & stress of being a high-performer and deepen into ease & flow.

Looking for a more in-depth coaching experience to help you step away from hustle culture and create more abundance with less work? Let’s work together for 3 months to use your unique astrology chart – as well as my 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur & 6 years as a career-focused astrologer – to bring you greater clarity as well as accountability on creating more space for spiritual connection, ease, flow, and soul alignment.

i also offer courses. ANY QUESTIONS?

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