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April 2021: Career Scope for ♎️ Libra

You deserve the same support you give to others, Libra. As the Sun moves through your 7th house of Relationships until April 19th, it’s time to open yourself up to receive more help, guidance, or simply higher quality companionship from the right mentors, healers, or partnerships that can help provide you with the TLC you need for once. The New Moon in your opposite sign of Aries on the 11/12th is perfect for dreaming up the ideal support system you’d like to call into your life – then stay tuned for inspiration that pops up to lead you in the right direction so you can make it happen.

Mid-month, your creative urges open you up to new possibilities as the process of pursuing your curiosities leads you down into a rabbit hole of intriguing inspiration. The week before and after April 9th especially will be ripe for making major progress on your current creative projects in a way that helps you grow and evolve as a soul, too. Follow what lights you up the most in your work, and the universe will meet you halfway by providing the insights you need to widen the horizons of what you see as being possible for you in the future.

As the Sun skips into Taurus on April 19th, you may notice yourself beginning to become more drawn inward as you seek to better understand your blocks and limiting beliefs. Business-owning Libras may also be looking to repackage their offerings in a new, easier, or more profitable way. Later in the month comes your manifesting moon as the Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your lucky 2nd house of Values, Desires & Goal Setting. This lunation brings the benefits of all of the mindset work you’ve been doing around believing you deserve and are capable of receiving the things you want most. You may also begin to realize that your goals are shifting in an even more exciting new direction at this time. ✨



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