2021 Career Scope for ♓️ Pisces

This is a year for communing with your truest essence, Pisces. As Jupiter and Saturn move through your intimate 12th house of Spirituality & Higher Purpose for most of this year, you are going on an astral traveling adventure through your own psyche. Even though this is technically your natural realm, this is still not an energetic influence for the faint of heart. You may want to consider working with energy healers, therapists, or other specialized practitioners who can help you get to the root of your underlying fears and issues so they can no longer hold you back. At the same time, you will be forging an even deeper connection with the reason why you are here and how you can best align your life & career with your greater mission so you can prioritize that over any menial, busywork that is not as important to your soul.

As the North Node of Future Destiny continues sliding through your zone of Home, Family & Long-term Security this year, your sights are turned towards creating a more secure future for yourself and the ones you care about (or the future family you long to create). This is an important time to make sure your money is working for you and that any career moves you make will contribute towards the financial foundation you are craving, all so you can enjoy a richer and more comfortable personal life outside of work. Whether you are saving for a home, preparing yourself for marriage, working out issues with your family, or simply seeking a calmer life that nourishes you more deeply, this is not a time to let your career ambitions override this need to fill up your own well.

While you have a big heart that longs to inspire and uplift others, it is not as important for you this year to focus on making an impact on people you don’t know – like all those random strangers on the internet. It’s a wonderful quality to want to help others, but certain years are better for focusing on yourself, and this is one of them. Interestingly enough, the more you give to and pamper yourself, the more inspirational your influence will end up being and the more others will resonate with the message you are here to share.


Q1: January – March

The beginning of the year brings a number of tests that are forcing you to re-think what’s most important to you and how that might change how you show up and share your message with others. As you dream up a new identity for yourself, your future plans will also need to shift and expand. With Mercury Retrograde moving through your mystical 12th house from January 30 – February 20, you may be drawn into hermit mode while you re-assess your higher path. This is not the best time to make big decisions, but it can be amazing for dreamwork, gaining insights from meditation, and better understanding the source of your problems or fears.

When you are finally ready to share what you’ve learned, you may need to prepare for some pushback from your peers. While it may be stressful to have your whimsical ideas tested in the light of day, even the most tantalizing inspiration means nothing if it can’t be grounded in reality. Remember to remain true to yourself and trust that even if others don’t understand, they may eventually come back around later, or they will make room for more of your right people to come in.

Some very beautiful energy saunters onto the scene as Venus moves into your sign from February 24 – March 20th. This is a time when others will be more drawn to your dreamy essence and can easily become magnetized toward your presence. Romantic relationships, work opportunities, and money matters pick up speed, and it is also a good time to pamper and love on yourself as well. You can also start to see the results of your creative brainstorming beginning to pay off as you receive a boost from generous Jupiter and the lucky North Node to see the future you want to create finally being revealed.


Q2: April – June

At the start of quarter two, you’ll be focused on anchoring your spiritual inspirations into reality to build a more stable and supportive future foundation for your finances and the other parts of your personal life that make life sweeter. There is lots of productive energy in the air to complete your projects and feel satisfied with your progress! You may even find that this work is just as healing for you as it is for others.

In mid-May, you begin to get a sneak peek at the bountiful good fortune that will be in store for you in 2022, as Jupiter temporarily shifts into your sign until July 28th. Not only will others be much more inspired by the special gifts you are here to share with the world, but you may find that everything, in general, runs more smoothly as you stand up as the leader of your life and put extra care and attention towards improving your image.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though, because mid-June brings yet another test somewhat like the one that came at the beginning of the year (and that will arrive once more in Q4). Once again you may find that your desire to bring more meaning and magic into your life is met with a need to shift how you show up and market yourself. Perhaps you are wanting to attract a new group of people to your work or are having trouble searching for the right words to describe your higher mission. Just remember not to lose sight of what you really want just to please others.


Q3: July – September

By the end of July, joyous planet Jupiter will be leaving your sign and back-tracking into your spirituality zone once more. Now that you have a better idea of who you are and how you want to show up in the world, it’s time to revisit any other ways of being that still need to go. Once again, your spiritual practice becomes very important as magical insights will get downloaded the more you make space to listen to your soul. You may also want to spend more time out of the spotlight to sort through your feelings, emotions, and hidden fears.

Another Mercury Retrograde brings confusion to financial and business matters from September 26 – October 18. That’s why it’s best to make any big business moves before this time because once it begins, it can be difficult to get a handle on which direction you want to go in. You may be feeling less than powerful, but it’s only an illusion designed to help you finally face any fears or insecurities that have been keeping you stuck.


Q4: October – December

At the start of this final quarter, you may be rethinking how you want to package your offerings, revising your budget and spending, or reflecting on why you haven’t been allowing yourself to be as abundant as you crave. Relationship matters may also get intense as this is the zone that is related to shared resources and commitments as you reassess whether both parties are really holding up their end of the “deal”.

Venus Retrograde in your Community & Friendship sector for 6 weeks, starting on December 19th, may have you questioning who your true friends are or how you really want to be of service to your community, audience, or the world. Love and money matters may also get funny as you re-assess your values and potentially question your true worth. Still, this is not a time to settle for less, to lower your prices, or give away your gifts.

Drawing on previous events from earlier this year, a final test around Christmas asks you to check back in to make sure you are sharing the message you really want to share in a way that contributes to your higher mission before you hop into 2022.



  • Your biggest challenge & area of growth: Spiritual growth, creating a consistent spiritual practice, releasing yourself from old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, improving your mindset and mental health, focusing on what really matters in the grand scheme of things, exploring what is most important to your soul, better understanding your past fears & trauma, and letting go of who you were in the past.
  • More of this: Setting aside money for future savings, dealing with old debts, forming stronger bonds with your family, improving your home life by moving or re-decorating, preparing for or improving your marriage, and creating a rich personal life that nourishes you deeply outside of work.
  • Less of this: Focusing too much time and attention on your career and helping people you don’t know, striving for recognition, awards, and accolades that don’t bring you true inner fulfillment, building a big empire that is stressful to manage, and forcing yourself to hustle for success instead of focusing on how you actually want to feel.



Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}
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