2021 Career Scope for ♑️ Capricorn

Tell me what you want what you really, really want! That’s what the Universe is whispering in your ear all year long in 2021 as both Jupiter, the planet of joy & expansion, and Saturn, the planet of karma & soul growth, move through your 2nd house of Values, Desires & Goal Setting for most of this year. Translation: It is absolutely time for you to stop settling for less. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor every day – not just once you retire in 80 million years from now! How can you flip your priorities upside down and put self-care & play at the top of the list instead of driving yourself like a workhouse until you burn out and cry?

At the same time, while you may occasionally enjoy working on manifesting and daydreaming your future into being, you are being challenged to step things up and do the work on a practical level. How can you turn your workflow into a well-oiled machine that works for you (and not the other way around)? If you’re constantly getting lost in busy work, then it’s time to stop imagining some ideal future time when “things slow down” and get serious about laying out all of the tasks you are doing NOW, so you can make sure you are being as efficient in reaching your true goals and serving others in the best way you possibly can. This is not just about having a clear business plan and good, solid scheduling software, either. Things like getting enough nutrition and rest also play an important role in allowing you to show up and do your best work every day.


Q1: January – March

For most of January, Venus moves through your sign, bringing you more opportunities to show off what you’re capable of achieving to the world. However, chaos with your creative projects could be derailing your mission to invite in more ease and flow. When Mercury Rx swoops onto the scene from January 30 – February 20, you may not really be sure what you want, and your finances may slow down for a spell as a result. Try not to be overly concerned if your goals are changing, because that is exactly what Mercury Rx is for – it gets us to go back and take an extra look to be sure we aren’t missing a valuable key piece of information (or inspiration) that will set us on a much better path than we had initially planned.

In mid-February, your long-term plans for the future become a lot clearer, but you may find that there are some pretty heavy-duty changes to make. Make sure to break everything down into manageable steps so you don’t freeze in place out of total overwhelm. Luckily, by the end of February, things will be on a much smoother flow as your work schedule & systems finally begin to deliver you the peace of mind you’ve long been seeking! :)


Q2: April – June

The 2nd quarter is a powerful time to get things done and make major progress with the inspiration you downloaded back at the end of February. You’ll also begin to get a sneak peek at the energy that will be incoming for you in 2022, which is all about marketing, connection, and collaborating with more like-minded people who inspire you. This could lead you to revise your goals to put a greater emphasis on learning or working with a variety of new teachers and peers.

Yet another Mercury Rx will be incoming from May 29 – June 22, and this is a powerful period for going back over the systems, structures, and schedules that support you in your work and overall wellbeing in life. Maybe you are ready to bring back your old morning routine or that savvy weekly meal prep habit that somehow fell by the wayside. If you’ve dropped the reins when it comes to your well-being, it’s time to revise your path.

Although there may be more chaos to contend with in your creative projects again in mid-June, a few weeks later, it all leads to a beautiful healing breakthrough where you may finally decide you do prefer to prioritize your personal life instead of getting so overly caught up in work. By the end of this quarter, when Neptune moves into Retrograde, you may be wanting to step back from doing so much socializing and connecting and get back in touch with learning and following the teachers who inspire you instead.


Q3: July – September

It’s time to get your head down and get back to manifesting your desires. Whether you are seeking to welcome in more love, money, beauty, or you simply wish to better align your everyday life with your authentic values much more often than you currently do, Jupiter’s powerful energy will be back in action to support you in feeling better in any areas that feel they are in need of an energetic upgrade!

Our final Mercury Retrograde, which lasts from September 26 – October 18, swoops onto the scene during the last week of Q3, so be sure to get any big work projects signed, sealed, and delivered before then so you don’t run the risk of becoming totally confused right in the middle of everything. That’s because, for these few weeks, you will be rethinking your true calling and what you feel you are actually here to do through your work. What is the desired outcome you want to create? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Head’s up: You may be completely unsure about all of this for a bit! I know it’s hard for a Cap, but if you can give up control and open your eyes to the signs the universe wants to show you, you’ll eventually stumble on to an even better, more aligned path. Just try to avoid taking pre-emptive action too early as the Universe will deliver you the right opportunities when the time is right.


Q4: October – December

The alluring planet of love, money, and beauty, Venus, saunters into your sign for a total of 4 months on November 5th. This is an unusually long stay considering it usually speeds through a zodiac sign in the span of 3.5 weeks, all because it will be going into retrograde starting December 19th for about 6 weeks. For most of this quarter, you will enjoy extra attention and admiration towards the work that you naturally do well and can receive money, special recognition, or just a greater feeling of self-love and warmth in your heart towards yourself and others. It’s a great time to promote your talents and be paid accordingly for them.

However, as soon as December hits, you may find that your clarity begins fading and suddenly you don’t quite know what you want or how to get it anymore. You may need to review past relationships, business ideas, or check back in with people who owe you money to try to find your way through the fog. While this can be a weird time for money for everyone, the more challenging aspect for you is that you may feel like you aren’t sure who you are. Where do you, as a Capricorn, fit into this Aquarian era? Take time out every day to tune in to how you feel and ask yourself how you want to feel. The key to clarity lies in fine-tuning your ability to perceive your true needs, wants, and desires, and be willing to give yourself permission to receive them, too. There are so many things you could do well and be successful with, but true success comes from aligning your life’s work with your true values and planning your schedule around what would be most pleasurable for you so you can prioritize that first.



  • Your biggest challenge & area of growth: Defining what you truly want, prioritizing your needs above others’, not settling for less in any area of your life, allowing yourself to feel the way you want to feel by letting your emotions guide you in making your decisions rather than relying solely on logic or ego, and breaking your own rules in order to systemize your life & work in a more advanced way that is in greater alignment with your soul’s true desires rather than ruled by your outer achievement seeking ego.
  • More of this: Systemizing your daily schedule so that it supports you fully, making sure the details you are getting caught up on are the right ones, prioritizing your health (including mental health) & overall well-being over being a servant to your work, creating the type of lifestyle you really want to live rather than what you think you have to have to be successful
  • Less of this: Relying solely on manifestation techniques or spiritual healing without taking strategic action in the real world, believing in universal laws & concepts but not applying them to your actual life, and getting lost in daydreams over what’s possible instead of actually testing things out and sticking out the experimentation process to find what works best




Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}
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