2021 Career Scope for ♏️ Scorpio


Ready to hunker down and create the future you’ve been dreaming of way deep down? Even though most of us were stuck inside in 2020, that didn’t keep you from reaching out and forming valuable connections with others that have supported you in your life, work, and personal and spiritual development. Now, as Jupiter and Saturn move out of your 3rd house of Social Networking and into your 4th house of Home, Family & Long-term Security just in time for the new year, the main focus for you in 2021 is on building up your base foundation.

By that I mean… how do you want your life to look and feel in the future? How can you begin taking steps now to get yourself there? You may be considering a move or home renovation, starting a family, or figuring out a business model that will provide consistent income that you’ll be able to depend on far into the future. This is also an important time to think about how you can save more money so that you can invest in greater security for yourself and your loved ones down the line, whether you want to buy a house, an investment property, a retirement account, or just a really solid sense of knowing you have what you need in your bank account to always be okay.

The North Node of Future Destiny is inviting you to get strategic about working smarter than harder throughout this year as well. Perhaps you will be looking at re-packaging your offerings, launching a new business, or putting together an irresistible new offer for your audience while lining your own pocketbooks with greater ease, grace, and flow that doesn’t burn you out.


Q1: January – March

The starting quarter of the year brings huge up-leveling energy. In your quest to invite more fun and play into your life and work, you may begin to realize that the way you are earning your money and supporting yourself needs to change. Although there may be an intense transition in the works, if anyone can handle huge transitions and changes, it’s you, Scorpio. In fact, you thrive on them, and sometimes a complete breakdown of the old ways is necessary to stay in tune with the real you.

With our first Mercury Rx of the year lighting up your home zone, you may feel like going into hermit mode between January 30 – February 20, while you sort through your ideas and options for the future life you’d like to create for yourself next. By the end of February, things really begin to come together, though. You will be feeling excited and exhilarated by where the universe is taking you the more you are willing to make powerful moves to balance a satisfying home life with much more strategic – and less soul-sucking – money-earning ventures.


Q2: April – June

You are ready to get to work as the 2nd quarter kicks off, turning your newfound inspiration into fuel to get things done and check things off your master to-do list. By mid-May, you’ll begin to get a sneak peek at the powerful energy that is in store for you in 2022, as Jupiter zooms ahead into Pisces until July 28th. All of this prep work you have been doing to create more stable foundations that support and nourish you will eventually free you up to have a lot more fun and freedom to do the things that make you feel good outside of work. Although this is only a brief window into the benefits that are in store, it should reinvigorate you to keep going in making the changes you need to the supportive structures that will get you into that light-hearted vibration more permanently.

The second Mercury Rx of the year falls in your business zone as it calls on you to go back to your spreadsheets and take a closer look at your financial earnings plan from May 29 – June 22. You may need to cancel some unnecessary subscriptions and pare back your spending, or on the flip side, look for innovative opportunities to boost up your bottom line from work you have created in the past. The middle of June brings one of the more intense energetic flashpoints of the year as your desire to set down firmer roots gets challenged by a chaotic relationship in your life. This could bring a breaking point or the catalyst to speak up and learn how to better communicate your needs.


Q3: July – September

You may become a bit confused about your creative projects by the third quarter when Neptune will be moving in retrograde motion in your 5th house of Fun & Creativity. Instead of looking for new things to create, you may want to allow yourself to play and explore what is already in your creative project archives.

However, a very lucky time arises for you when Venus enters your sign from September 10 – October 6. This is a fortunate time for relationships and money matters, and people may be magically drawn to your magnetic (albeit sometimes intimidating) energy more than usual. At the same time, our third Mercury Rx of the year will be blurring your vision as it moves through your 12th house of Spirituality. A temporary existential crisis may lead you to rethink what your higher purpose really is and how you can adjust your life to be in greater devotion and service to that. Can you take some time away from work and people’s demands to let the messages come through?


Q4: October – December

One of the most powerful periods of the year enters the scene from October 30 – December 12, as one of your planetary rulers, Mars, moves into position in your sign. You will be fired up and driven to make much-needed changes in your life as if there were literally hot flames under your feet. Be careful about getting frustrated from trying to push too hard too quickly as your forcefulness could lead to accidental self-sabotage unless you can learn to use your increase in power wisely. This is the perfect time to go all in with a passion project and make major progress on it!

The end of the year ends on a bit of a rocky note for all of us, as the planet of love, money, and beauty, Venus, goes into a rare retrograde pattern beginning December 19th and lasting through the rest of this year. Marketing and money matters may get funny, and it may be confusing to know who in your circle you can trust. At the same time, the battle between creating a solid foundation for your future and dealing with relationship issues that arose back in June will come back up to the surface to be revisited once again.



  • Your biggest challenge & area of growth: Creating a firmer, more sustainable foundation for your future goals, prioritizing the cultivation of a rich personal life over hustling to build a soul-sucking empire through your career, crafting your ideal home situation whether that means moving, renovating, or saving up for a house, and growing your family or working through family issues to form closer bonds and greater understanding with your loved ones.
  • More of this: Being more strategic with your finances and how you earn your money, gaining complete clarity on where you stand in relation to your financial goals and what needs to be done to create greater security, capitalizing on your talents & assets so you can make more money with less work and in less time, quickly following the inspiration you receive when it feels good to do so instead of sitting on it and over-analyzing your impulses.
  • Less of this: Thinking you need to deeply study or master a subject before you’ll be worthy to share it, low self-worth or self-esteem, taking too much time to move forward or make a decision, sitting back and waiting for your desires to come to you instead of proactively creating a channel for them to arrive, and creating in a vacuum without getting any outside input from your community.




Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
Natalie Walstein / Soulshine Astrology
I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach. I love sharing the ancient wisdom of astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – courageously align their life & career with the cosmos. {Read more...}
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