2020 Plan Your Life & Career with the Cosmos Masterclass

Ready to take your planning to the next level in 2020? 🗓✨

For the last 3 years, I’ve been carefully planning my yearly goals around my astrology chart and the magical wisdom of the cosmic cycles that are always reflecting what we’re going through down here on earth… whether we know about them or not!


Not only has this allowed me to make sure I’m choosing to work on goals that have the MOST karmic power behind them at any given time in my life, but also that I’m making sure I’m working in tune with the universal lessons that are being presented and not AGAINST them, saving SO MUCH frustration and confusion along the way.

Planning in this way has also made it so much less stressful to decide what I’d like to be working on and which order to go in! If you’re like me, it’s easy to have your sights set on doing all the things. Astrological planning can help you find your focus and pace yourself, so you don’t burn out trying to do everything all at once. I’m sure you’ve been there and you already know it’s so not pretty!


That’s why I’m SO excited to share my secrets & teach you my tips and tricks for planning in alignment with the cosmos…

In this special video masterclass, you will: 

  • Learn how to use your unique astrology chart to plan out your year in alignment with the current cosmic cycles you are in, even if you have little to no experience using astrology beforehand!
  • Discover your biggest areas of growth & your biggest challenges for 2020 so you can plan to make the most of them while they last
  • Find your monthly focus for every month of the year & learn how to work in alignment with the Sun Seasons so you know what to focus on for maximum results as you work toward your personal and professional goals throughout the year
  • Be able to navigate all of the eclipes and planetary retrogrades of the year by understanding how they will specifically be affecting you based on your astrology chart

You’ll also receive everything you need to make your cosmic planning process as easy as possible, including a workbook and cheat sheets, and a few other exciting goodies, too! 💫


2020 Yearly Forecast eBook

2020 Yearly Forecast – eBook

Get a head’s up on all of the major astrological energy that is incoming for this year and read special in-depth horoscopes for every zodiac sign explaining the specific opportunities & challenges that are in store for you, including how to navigate retrogrades, so you can harness the energy to your advantage in this 30+ page e-book

Value: $20.20 USD

2020 Plan Your Life & Career with the Cosmos Masterclass
(Live on Dec. 13th / Replay afterward)

In this special 1-hour live online video workshop (with recorded replay), you’ll learn how to plan your year in alignment with your astrology chart while also using the collective energy to your advantage to give yourself the best possible opportunity to reach your most magical goals in 2020

Value: $99 USD

2020 Moon Journal – Digital Edition

Create a weekly ritual to get in greater alignment with your soul’s desires by journaling with every major moon phase throughout the year using this digitally fillable and printable PDF journal with weekly themes and monthly manifestation techniques

Value: $22 USD

*Questions? Feel free to reach out and e-mail info@soulshineastrology.com!

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