Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius


Week of June 1 – 10, 2017

Happy June! Who do you have next to you to lean on for support? This month is a time of strengthening your closest bonds with others (like a romantic or business partner) or even upgrading the way you relate to relationships altogether. When you’re amazing as you are, you need someone equally as amazing by your side, so take this time to get clear on what you want and begin to take some steps towards making something happen.

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo on the 1st is just the perfect time to make your next move – except, in this case, it may actually have more to do with your career. This action flashpoint is going to be a fabulous time to give this area of your life a boost and press ‘GO’ on a major work project you’ve been cooking up, especially one that you’re really passionate about!

As we continue leading up to the Full Moon in YOUR sign on the 9th, some of your fears around NOT being able to express your true self may begin to reveal themselves in your mind. You may think you’re the one who has to bend to make people like you, but that’s so not the case. This Full Moon will provide an opportunity for you to upgrade your thinking by letting go of any limiting beliefs (or outside opinions) that have made you believe that you can’t be who you really are – because that decision is solely up to you.