Weekly Horoscope: Leo


Week of June 1 – 10, 2017

Leo, this is your month to get out into your community and share your gifts. You know you’ve got the goods… so go ahead and share them! The first 10 days of June are a good time to put yourself out there and find ways to help others, whether in your circle of friends, clients & colleagues, or even your online community. The good news is that when you give back, you tend to receive more in return!

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo kicks off the beginning of the month, urging you to TAKE ACTION to go after what you want next – whether your sights are set on love, money, or increasing your recognition. This is not the time to play small, so gather up your plans and research and make your next move. Once Jupiter goes direct later this week, you will be attracting a lot more bees to your brand of honey and you could serendipitously start to meet just the right people to help you make your dreams happen.

As we continue to lead up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th, all of this working for others may start to wear on you. This is a time when your fears or insecurities around NOT being able to pursue more of your own personal passions may come to light, so be prepared to switch gears and allow yourself to tend to your own creative fire. It’s not going to be a truly balanced energetic exchange unless you’re getting what you need out of the deal, too.