Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

Week of June 1 – 10, 2017

While the rest of the world is waking up and coming out to play, the month of June has you diving deeper into your reasons for be-ing. What is your true life purpose and what do you still want to achieve? A rising moon cycle this week will bring your true feelings out into the light to be sorted through more clearly.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s First Quarter Moon will fall in your community & friendship sector, urging you to take action on a project that can help you relate better to the people around you. As a Cancer, you’re a natural at taking care of people and being intuitive to their needs, so why not take these skills out into the open and fill up your cup by helping others in some way?

As we lead up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th, grounding down is going to become especially important for you, too. With this moon falling in your 6th house of Daily Routines, any issues in your daily grind that have been keeping you from supporting yourself more fully – especially in your health, your routines, or your work situation – could be coming into question to be dealt with and cleared. As you are re-discovering your purpose, your priorities will surely be needing an upgrade to match!