Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

Week of June 1 – 10, 2017

Hello June! This month, the sun is going to be bringing your focus on to the fact of whether or not you’ve been having enough fun. This is a good time to flex your creative muscles or start an exciting project that lights you up. Not everything has to be so serious all the time, and maybe you will even stumble upon an amazing idea that could have the power to change everything!

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo hits on the 1st, inviting you to take action to bring more financial security into your life. This is an important time to do what you need to do to ensure you have a healthy bottom line. Put a budget in place or cut back on any unnecessary expenses so you can spend more of your time doing more of what you actually enjoy.

As we continue leading up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th, it will be the perfect time to release any fears you may have that have been keeping you from reaching out to your community on a more intimate level. What is the point of having any creative ideas at all, if you’re too shy to share them with others? Break down any barriers in your mind that have been holding you back, so you can set yourself – and your gifts – free to play.