Weekly Forecast for February 17-23, 2018

Weekly Astrological Forecast
Weekly Astrological Forecast

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day (i.e. Sunday = Monday).



>> VOID MOON into Leo – For 1 hour starting @ 6:17 am PT / 9:17 am ET / 2:17 pm GMT // 1:17 am AEDT {on the 18th}

As we make our way into the last week of February, the moon moves into Leo on its way towards becoming a Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, firing us up to take bold action to bring our current projects to completion. With Venus in a positive angle with Neptune, this is a lucky day for attracting opportunities that can help us realize our dreams in reality. Enjoy the good vibes and make the most of this positive energy!



CHIRON MOVES INTO ARIES: This powerful event signifies a major shift as the Wounded Healer asteroid finally leaves the sign of Pisces and crosses into Aries, providing us with new energy to help us work on healing from past trauma in a new area of our lives. While Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011, we have been learning to heal from deep-seated wounds around separateness or not feeling connected to one another, our spirits, or our dream vision for the future that may have even stemmed from our past lives or past experiences lived by our ancestors that have been handed down to us. Now, these lessons shift, as we are called to heal from deeply ingrained fears around standing in our power, asserting our presence as individuals, or presenting new ideas the world has not seen or embraced yet for fear that we will not be accepted or appreciated for who we are or what we are most passionate about. These lessons will continue until 2028 as we heal this part of ourselves and help others around us heal from this by witnessing each other’s growth. If you are a healer, you may find more and more people coming to you who seem to suffer from the inability to pursue their true passions or assert their ideas or opinion out of fear that may not necessarily be rooted in their present life, although we can manifest these past life lessons again and again, simply by believing our fear is real.

This is also a major day in the cosmos for a few other reasons. The Sun forms an opportunistic angle with radical planet Uranus, giving us the ability to break out of confining situations and do things in a radically new way that feels liberating and exciting. Meanwhile, lovely Venus aligns with our strict teacher Saturn, helping us feel good about the progress we’ve been making as we pursue our long-term goals. We may also be able to see the rewards and benefit from the hard work we have been putting in in the past.

Last, but not least, mindful Mercury aligns with otherworldly Neptune, aligning our mindset, ideas, and conversations with our dreams for the future. There may also be a sense of breaking away from logical reality as we embrace faith in our own imaginations above the physical evidence we may see around us, so it’s important to try to keep at least one foot firmly planted on the ground so you don’t float away on the promise of an exciting new idea, no matter how dreamy it may seem.



>> VOID MOON into Virgo – For 1 hour starting @ 5:51 am PT / 8:51 am ET / 1:51 pm GMT // 12:51 am AEDT {on the 20th}

🌞 PISCES SEASON BEGINS: The Sun officially shifts out of Aquarius and into ♓️ Pisces, the 12th and final sign of the zodiac, as we move into a season that is all about harnessing our intuition, getting in touch with our deeper feelings, releasing limiting beliefs, and getting back in tune with our dreams for the future. Get ready to feel all the feels!

🌝 FULL MOON IN ♍️ VIRGO ~ Exact @ 7:53 am PT / 10:53 am ET / 3:53 pm ET // 2:53 am AEDT {on the 20th}: Once again, we experience a Full Moon on the same day the Sun moves into a new sign. This Full Moon is here to show us where our everyday lives are in need of editing so we can release anything that is holding us back from healing, living more efficiently, or working more effectively and remove bad habits that are getting in our way. Where are our deeper dreams and desires not being matched up with our everyday actions? How are we keeping ourselves distracted from what really matters? How could we be doing more to serve ourselves and others around us who are in need of our help? These are all questions to assess as we celebrate the culmination of hard work put in over the last 6 months and let go of anything that is no longer working.

Meanwhile, Mercury is forming an opportunistic alignment with Saturn, helping us gain new insights into how we could be working towards our long-term goals in a smarter, more logical way, which is right in line with the message being brought forth by our Full Moon.



>> VOID MOON into Libra – For 24 hours starting @ 5:52 am PT / 8:52 am ET / 1:52 pm GMT // 12:52 am AEDT {on the 20th}

There is an incredibly long Void Moon lasting the entirety of this day, making it difficult to move forward on any new projects or for trying to make plans or have important meetings that you want to go well. If you ignore this warning and try to push through, you could be met with weird tech issues or other unexpected developments, so it may be better to reschedule and take the day to re-up as you begin to reflect on and integrate the Full Moon lessons you have been learning. The best way to work with the energy of this day is to focus on basic maintenance work like filing, bookkeeping, admin work, cleaning, organizing, or finishing a project you already started.




Although we’ve had quite a busy start to this week in the sky, the intensity of the energy still doesn’t end there. Today, our messenger planet Mercury squares off with jubilant Jupiter, challenging us to ask for what we really want or to become more serious about putting our ideas together to create a new avenue for future growth that is exciting and abundant with possibilities. The benefit? A breakthrough is in order, and it’s through pushing ourselves to the next level today that we’ll open the floodgates to fabulous rewards.



As we begin to finish up this eventful week, Venus aligns with transformational Pluto, helping us feel more in flow with any recent changes or evolutions we have been stepping into while also letting go or leaving behind old outworn versions of who we used to be along the way. There can also be changes in money or relationships that occur today to teach us an important lesson that will help us deepen into the direction our soul needs to evolve into next, as uncomfortable as it may feel to realize it at first.



>> VOID MOON into Scorpio – For 1 hour starting @ 7:11 am PT / 10:11 am ET / 3:11 pm GMT // 2:11 am AEDT {on the 25th}

Piggy-backing off of yesterday’s potentially groundbreaking energy, Mercury now forms a lucky angle with transformative Pluto, helping us have tough conversations around what needs to change or allowing us to get in tune with where we are still feeling that changes still need to be made to allow us to feel like we are living on a level that is more in tune with the direction our souls would like to go next. The moon continues waning into the weekend as we reflect on all that we have been learning and look for ways to integrate these realizations into our daily way of operating in the world.


Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. >> Book a reading with me to find out more about how the planets are affecting you personally!