Weekly Forecast for August 12-18, 2018

Weekly Astrological Forecast
Weekly Astrological Forecast

Day-by-Day Overview

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Ahh, today brings a sweet relief as we begin to integrate the shifts and changes that have come forth over the past few weeks and especially the past few days from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo. The effects of this eclipse are still buzzing, but we have Venus in a super lucky angle with the North Node of Future Destiny, so this is bound to feel quite good today! You can more easily open yourself up to opportunities to receive the things you want, value, and desire even if it does require you to step a little bit out of your usual comfort zone to claim it.

Meanwhile, action planet Mars moves back into Capricorn today. The red planet has been spinning backward through Aquarius since July 26th, but now that it dips back into the sign it was in back in early late March to early May, we may find that some of our motivations from that time begin to resurface. This rare retrograde will continue on until August 27th, and in the meantime, we are meant to be revisiting our passions and what drives us to take action as well as what the best way will really be to approach our aims. Capricorn is quite a practically-minded sign, so the rest of this retrograde will be about piecing your plans together as logically as possible and reflecting on ways to be more resourceful as you work towards your current ambitions.



We begin to hit a rare lull in the skies from Monday through Friday! This is a work week that will be ideal for creating your own reality without the usual interference from the planets as there is NO new major astrological energy coming in until Saturday. The moon finishes up its run through Virgo today, making it an ideal day to plan what you’d like to get done this week and what the best way will be to do it while also keeping your personal needs in check so you don’t burn out.

>> VOID MOON into Libra – For 20 mins. starting @ 9:37 pm PT // 12:37 am ET / 5:37 am GMT / 2:37 pm AEST {on the 14th}



The moon moves into Libra for the next couple of days, an ideal moon sign for regaining your balance in any areas of your life or career where you have been feeling a bit off track. With the moon also crossing over Venus, today is a good day for recognizing anything you have been neglecting, whether that is your self-care, relationships, systems or strategies, or a backlog of house chores so you can feel better about your overall sense of happiness, harmony & wellbeing. Aim to replenish any areas that are in need of closer attention.



There is nothing new to report in the cosmos! It’s a great day to continue your quest to regain your balance. It also happens to be Soulshine Astrology’s 2nd Anniversary! Help celebrate by booking in an astrology reading or report to gain clarity on your next career move for 10% off using the code HAPPYBDAY. 🎉


Cosmic Career Blueprint



>> VOID MOON into Scorpio – For 1 hour starting @ 12:56 am PT / 3:56 am ET / 8:56 am GMT / 5:56 pm AEST

Later in the week, the moon swings into Scorpio next. You may start feeling the need to retreat into your own personal bubble to focus on how you really feel beneath the surface and come up with an authentic strategy for future success. It can also help to chat with a close friend about where you are at in your life & work to get a therapeutic release.



The moon crosses over Jupiter today, making this an excellent day to celebrate all that is good and exciting in your world. At this point, Eclipse Season is beginning to fade in the rearview mirror, and now it’s a matter of making the most of the wonderful opportunities for growth that surround you. Take some time to celebrate your successes and lessons! (Just try not to go too overboard, because Jupiter tends to make us so excited we can lose sight of what is most practical.)



MERCURY RETROGRADE ENDS: Yessss, it’s finally happening! Mercury stations in the sky today and begins to turn back around and move in direct motion in Leo. It may take a few days to gain speed, however, so there is a buffer period before things can begin humming along smoothly again in the areas of communications, technology, transportation, and your mindset. We are getting the chance for one final do-over, as Mercury goes back over the same degrees it has already gone over twice, but this time for the last time this year. The next few weeks will be ideal for resetting your plans for the future based on everything you have been learning will and will not work during this retrograde period.

FIRST QUARTER MOON in Scorpio: It’s also ACTION TIME. All week long, you’ve been planning, plotting, experimenting, and researching how to reach your next big goal. This is the day to take the next solid step forward and make it happen. Do something that shows you are committing to bringing about your aims, but try not to go through with anything too risky. Keep in mind that, with Mercury stuck in one spot, meetings or communications may fall a bit flat or be slightly delayed, so it may be better to make an internal decision on what you want to say rather than bringing your ideas to the attention of others quite yet.

Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. >> Book a reading with me to find out more about how the planets are affecting you personally!