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Moon Magic

Monthly Moonscope for May 2017

This month’s theme: Grounding vs. Transformation ~ It’s time to savor the moments as the seasons are changing in the hemispheres. With the month of May, we have a moon cycle that teeters on the edge of the Taurus &…


Monthly Moonscope for April 2017

This month’s theme: Independence vs. Cooperation ~ As we begin our new astrological new year in the sign of ♈️ Aries, our creative engines are beginning to rev up! There is SO much going on in Aries right now… with a…

Moon Magic

Monthly Moonscope for March 2017

This month’s theme: Imagination vs. Logic Welcome to the last month in the zodiac! Even though 2017 has been going strong for a while, this month is very powerful for both endings & beginnings, as the Sun moves from the last…

Moon Magic

Monthly Moonscope for February 2017

Every month the moon circles around the zodiac, affecting our collective creative energy in different ways as it moves through the signs, but what’s really interesting to note is how the New Moon & Full Moon always fall in opposite…

Moon Magic

Monthly Moonscope for January 2017

This month’s theme: Cold Hard Strategy vs. Nurturing Self-love This is it! 2017 is here and I hope you’re ready to prove yourself on a whole new level. This is your chance to flip to a crisp white page…