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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo ~ Bold New Beginnings

As the Eclipse Portal comes to a close, a new seed is planted for the future.

We are coming up to our second of two New Moons in ♌️ Leo in a row. While the first was the precursor to Eclipse Season, this one will be like the grand finale, and yet… we are truly just getting started!

On Monday, August 21stTuesday, August 22nd the fully darkened New Moon will cross in front of the Sun in the constellation of Leo to form a Total Solar Eclipse over the central part of the U.S. for the first time in many decades.

Astrologically, the Moon symbolizes our deeper emotional nature, inner feelings of security, and how we feel most nurtured and safe, while the Sun symbolizes our outer soul essence, our ego, and desire and ability to shine by following what fires us up in the outer world.

With the darkened Moon temporarily eclipsing the Sun in its home sign of Leo, it’s the Sun who wins! For the same reason that looking directly at the eclipse can ruin your eyesight, the Sun will be zapping its energy down to us in higher concentrations around the edges of the moon than usual.

This bright blazing energy marks the dawning of a new cycle here on Earth where we can learn to use our natural talents and abilities for the greater good of all. We are all being called to step up as creative leaders in our own right!

Read more about how to work with this Super New Moon Solar Eclipse below…




NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo // August 21, 2017 @ 11:31 pm PT / 2:31 pm ET / 7:31 pm UK / 4:31 am AEST (on the 22nd)

Giving to receive. We all have our unique interests and the things we are better at doing than others. It’s wonderful to recognize our own talents, but what this New Moon will be asking us is how we use this power to help inspire others and contribute to making the world a better place in our own special way.

Leo is a sign who puts their whole selves into everything they do! They can be very generous with their talents and quite good at many different things when they decide to put their mind to it. Underneath all of these efforts, they long to be the best and well recognized and praised for their talents.

Our New Moon Solar Eclipse will be falling near the edge of Leo & Virgo – the signs of bold creation & selfless service.

Therefore, this fiery New Moon is more than just about you & me as individuals. We are being called to boost up our sense of creativity and confidence for a purpose that is bigger than us. We are being called to shine brighter so we can spread our light to others and show them how it’s done, so we can all rise to new heights in our evolution as a society together! Life can be brighter, bolder, and better than it is right now, but it’s up to each and every one of us to show each other how to get there.

On this New Moon, it’s a great time to ask yourself questions such as:

  • “Using your gifts & talents, what would you most like to give to the world?”
  • “How can you chase your passions in a way that will inspire others?”
  • “What can you do to become a better leading example for others just by the way you shine your light, live your life & do the work that you are doing?”
  • “How can you use what you are the best at to help change the world?”

On a wider scale, this Super New Moon will signal the beginning of a powerful new moon cycle that will culminate in a Full Moon in Leo on January 31st, 2018. So, this is going to be a truly amazing time to set intentions for what you would like to manifest into your life + career by then!



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