Moon Journals

Journal on all of the New Moons & Full Moons for the rest of 2017!

Each page of this special custom Zodiac Moon Journal includes an overview of which areas of life each New Moon or Full Moon will be featuring both collectively and specifically for your zodiac sign.

There are also specific goal-setting journal questions to answer on each New Moon & Full Moon for the rest of 2017 to help you track your personal & career development along with the Moon. 📝

Order yours in digital format to use fillable forms directly on your computer (using Adobe Acrobat) or order the special print edition to get your custom Moon Journal shipped straight to your door.

*Whether you order Digital or Print, the inside cover will be personalized with your first name. It’s my little way of making it extra special for you!

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Your 15-page Moon Journal will be personalized just for you and sent out within 1-3 business days.

Digital Edition:

$15 USD

Get your personalized Moon Journal sent to you via e-mail with fillable forms you can type into using Adobe Acrobat or feel free to print off at home.

Print Edition:

$25 USD + Shipping

Get your personalized Moon Journal professionally printed in a fancy booklet that will be shipped straight to your door. {Digital version may also be sent upon request.}

✒︎ Should I order my Moon Journal for my Sun Sign or my Rising Sign? It depends! Your Sun Sign describes what your soul is naturally working through, while your Rising Sign describes the goals you are physically embarking on, so both would definitely apply. When in doubt, I say you can’t really go wrong with your Sun Sign (or order both!).