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Monthly Moonscope for May 2017

This month’s theme: Grounding vs. Transformation ~

It’s time to savor the moments as the seasons are changing in the hemispheres. With the month of May, we have a moon cycle that teeters on the edge of the Taurus & Scorpio axis. Complete opposites, these signs are also somewhat similar because they both work to transform their deeper desires into tangible assets that can provide more comfort in the months ahead. (But they sure have their differences, too!)

They say “April showers bring May flowers”, and the truth is that any hard work you put in now will surely be rewarded. Venus is no longer in retrograde and it is possible to get what you want, as long as you are truly fired up about it and you’re ready to put in the long-term efforts to ensure that whatever you create next is of high quality, high integrity, and not to mention profitable, too.

After Mercury ends its retrograde period on May 3rd, it will be prime time to move ahead with your agenda. There will still be 3 remaining planets in retrograde, however, including Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, so the need to test all of your projects for practicality, growth potential, and facing your inner needs for evolution will still be ongoing.

What we will find out throughout this month, however, is that achieving our wildest desires will require both a strong sense of grounding and transformation. As the moon flows through May, you’ll learn to know when to bloom where you’re planted, and when to tear up the roots to prepare for something more beautiful to come through.

The balance between these two sides is one of the major themes we’ll be exploring during this moon cycle! Read on for more…



NEW MOON in Taurus // April 26, 2017 @ 4:16 am PT / 7:16 am ET / 12:16 pm UK / 9:16 pm AEST

Grounding into your daily life + work process provides many daily mini miracles. This is a much slower season when we are meant to savor every effort and carefully plot out each move to make sure that what we are creating is truly going to be meaningful in the long run.

With our New Moon in Taurus, we are bringing in the idea of taking practical & artfully crafted steps towards the future, and trying to savor every passing moment along the way.

This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, money, admiration, and all of the sweet stuff we often crave to make our lives more comfortable. Now in Aries, Venus invites us to spark fresh ideas for the future and get on board with a more enjoyable period of life again.

Taurus is the stabilizer. This sign invites us to slow. it. down. and savor our senses a little more. Take your time to carefully plot out your next moves and orchestrate the whole thing in just the right amount of time you need to really make it shine. Pamper yourself and sing a little song while you do the mundane tasks you have to do every day to move you forward in your career. Think in smaller increments and try to make your work more enjoyable and higher quality. You’ll find that consciously raising your vibes this month will take you much further than if you’re riding on stress all the time!

On this New Moon, some great questions to ask yourself are:

  • “What do I truly value, desire, or crave next in my life + career?”
  • “What seeds am I planting now that can eventually grow into big, fruitful endeavors?”
  • “How can I express my artistic creative side more?”
  • “How can I indulge more in my daily routine and learn to go with the beautiful flow of life?”

This New Moon will culminate in a Full Moon in Taurus on November 4, 2017. Imagine what big things you want to manifest by then and focus your intentions on it throughout this moon cycle.




FULL MOON in Scorpio // May 10, 2017 @ 1:42 pm PT / 4:42 pm ET / 8:42 pm GMT / 6:42 am AEST

Transformation requires us to break down barriers to change. Remember all of those things you’ve done that you never thought you could do? Somewhere along the lines your thoughts & beliefs had to change and you were made to realize that life doesn’t have to be so black & white all the time.

Our Full Moon in Scorpio will invite us to dive deep to uncover all of the negative beliefs that have held us back from revealing our inner desires & achieving personal transformation in the past.

While Taurus symbolizes comfort, Scorpio swims in the darker waters to get to the bottom of the deeper instinctual desires we all hold inside, but don’t always wish to recognize out in pure daylight… whether because we didn’t know how to do it, we didn’t have the right connections, or we simply never thought we were good enough.

This Full Moon will be wonderful for reflecting on far you’ve come, where you want to go next (Scorpios are known to be trés ambitious!), and uncovering what in the world has been holding you back from expressing your inner wisdom on a grander scale. In other words, it’s time to let go of the limiting beliefs or hidden memories that have been holding you back or that have somehow led you to believe you can’t have (or be) what you want.

On a wider scale, this Full Moon will be the culmination point of the New Moon in Scorpio which occurred back on October 30, 2016. Look back for a moment… what did you wish for then? Perhaps some of it has already begun to come true, but now is the time to see it come full circle.


On this Full Moon, look for answers around:

  • “Who is the person I used to be & how have I changed?”
  • “Who is the person I am now on my way to becoming?”
  • “How can I express my deeper internal desires on a grander scale?”
  • “What are my limiting beliefs that have been holding me back from making much-needed changes in my life + career (and how can I now release this)?”

The next New Moon will fall in Gemini on May 25, 2017.



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