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Monthly Moonscope for January 2017

This month’s theme: Cold Hard Strategy vs. Nurturing Self-love

This is it! 2017 is here and I hope you’re ready to prove yourself on a whole new level. This is your chance to flip to a crisp white page and begin writing a new story for your future – this time starring the true YOU.

That’s because we’re now embarking on the ‘Year of Truth’ – which will involve discovering the truth, uncovering the truth, and living more in alignment with your truth (both on a global & personal level).

It’s not always easy to do so, but if you aren’t working on it already, you’ll probably find now that NOT living in your truth is much harder. It has never really been all that sustainable for you anyways – so if that’s you, prepare to re-align!

Luckily, the Sun in Capricorn has been working with our mindful messenger planet Mercury (in Retrograde) to help us detach from our previous patterns for good. Together they’ve been fueling us to leave our past problems & obstacles behind in 2016 so we can finally step into greater alignment with the real ‘us’.

Every new year always starts off as an exciting time filled with all kinds of possibilities, goals, dreams and ideas of what could be, but our Capricorn Sun is actually a pretty hard boss to work under, and it has been forcing us to put a strong plan in place on EXACTLY how we’re going to pull this off. Hint: Wishful thinking won’t cut it this time!

The BIG question of the month is going to be: When you know what you want and you’re willing to do what you need to do to get it, will you be able to BOTH stick to the cold hard strategy you need to get on track towards your goals AND also be able to give yourself the nurturing self love you need to continue to see it through?

It kind of takes the fun out of things, but if you really want a new year to equal a new you, I’m sure you’re already realizing that you’ll need to actually put in quite a bit of work. And yet, you also don’t want to hustle yourself into to the ground!

Working on being able to balance both will be a major theme we’ll be exploring during this moon cycle… so let’s dive in!



NEW MOON in Capricorn // December 28/29, 2016 @ 10:53 pm PT / 1:53 am ET

A cold hard strategy puts you on the right path. For most of this month we will be channeling Capricorn’s supreme BOSS energy to put our wildest desires (and ourselves) to the test and make a solid plan to rebuild the future. This is the time to get on track with making your master do list, but try to be realistic while you do so.

With our New Moon in Capricorn exactly conjoined with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, we are being asked to re-think the way we set ourselves up for success.

Capricorn is a hard-working authority figure that cares about doing the job right, and creating an efficient process for continued success. This sign is ruled by our strict teacher Saturn who is also in charge of time, structure, and constraints of any & all kinds – that’s what makes him so tough to deal with.

Although Saturn really does want the best for us, he also wants to see us become our best. This usually requires us to step outside our normal everyday comfort zone. It may even require sacrificing some old part of yourself or forcing yourself to harness new strengths or smarts you didn’t know you had (but guess what, you do!).

If something is really worth it to you, you WILL do what you need to do! However, let’s not get too carried away. The down side is that some Capricorns will do almost anything to reach the top, even sacrificing their own happiness unnecessarily in the process. The thirst for status can be so alluring they can also tend forget to cherish the present moment and enjoy life as it is in the here and now. So, try not to become so much of a workaholic that you lose sight of what really matters in life!

On this New Moon, some great questions to ask yourself are:

  • “Is what I’m doing now getting me to where I really want to go – or taking me away from it?”
  • “What structures, systems or strategies in my life are broken or in need of repair?”
  • “What do I really want (if I could have anything) & what will it realistically take to get there?”
  • “What do I really want to accomplish in my lifetime & how can I start moving towards it every day?”

This New Moon will culminate in a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 8, 2017.



FULL MOON in Cancer // January 12, 2016 @ 4:33 am PT / 7:33 am ET*

Warm nurturing provides the strength to see your plans through. What good is a strong career if you don’t feel supported when your work is done for the day? If you want to have a BIG successful 2017, you will need to pace yourself.

Our Full Moon in Cancer will provide a reminder that we need to balance both our ambitions & our emotional security to reach our goals.

Although Capricorn is a masculine, career-oriented sign that pushes us out of our comfort zone, its opposite sign is Cancer – a feminine, family, home & relationship oriented sign that is actually ruled by the Moon and she is like a mother who wants us to feel loved & nurtured.

This not so much about the work you need to do to reach the top – it’s about the work you do to be able to do the work you need to do to reach the top & keep your morale high along the way! Cancer is a sign that cares more about taking care of things behind the scenes, nurturing yourself and your home environment, and securing yourself and/or your family for the future.

For those who are into yoga, we can think of the New Moon in Capricorn as the ambitious ‘stretching’ to reach further than we ever have before, and the Full Moon in Cancer as the soothing ‘breathing’ that helps you ground into the changes being made in your life. You do need a healthy dose of both in order to keep your balance in life, so if you have been feeling out of balance in how you nurture yourself in your personal life outside of work, this Full Moon will be the time to make adjustments.

On a bigger scale, this Full Moon is the culmination point of the New Moon in Cancer which occurred back on July 4, 2016. Do you remember what kind of life you wanted for yourself back then? Perhaps the changes have already been building for you since then, but this Full Moon will be the finish line of this mini manifestation cycle.

On this Full Moon, look for answers around:

  • “How can I make myself feel more comfortable with the changes being made in my life?”
  • “What kind of home environment would help me perform at my best?”
  • “How can I nourish or invest in myself on a personal level, so I can go even further in my career?”
  • “How do I support my home & family more, and how can they help support me more?”

The next New Moon will be on January 27, 2017 in Aquarius.



Power Moon Days for JANUARY 2016


Below is a list of the most lucky days for each zodiac sign in January. Depending on your Sun Sign, these are your most powerful days of the month for taking action towards your biggest goals.

Zodiac Sign Power Moon Days
 ♈️ Aries 4th, 5th
 ♉️ Taurus 6th (afternoon), 7th (daytime)
 ♊️ Gemini 8th (afternoon)
 ♋️ Cancer 10th, 11th
 ♌️ Leo 13th
 ♍️ Virgo 15th, 16th, 21st (daytime)
 ♎️ Libra 17th, 18th
 ♏️ Scorpio 20th
 ♐️ Sagittarius 22nd, 23rd
 ♑️ Capricorn 25th, 26th
 ♒️ Aquarius 1st, 27th, 28th
 ♓️ Pisces 2nd, 3rd, 29th (afternoon), 30th

(It’s not that other days cannot bring rewards. It’s just that the days listed here will be especially power-packed for you because the Moon will be passing through your sign!)



▪️ Void Moons for JANUARY 2017


Below is a chart of the exact days & times to AVOID making any big moves in January:

 Date Pacific Time Eastern Time
January 1st 11:59 pm – 1:58 am (2nd) 2:59 am – 4:58 am (2nd)
January 3rd 5:33 pm – 8:20 am (4th) 8:33 pm – 11:20 am (4th)
January 6th 10:42 am – 12:19 pm 1:42 pm – 3:19 pm
January 7th 6:22 pm – 2:06 pm (8th) 9:22 pm – 5:06 pm (8th)
January 9th 1:38 pm – 2:48 pm 4:38 pm – 5:48 pm
January 12th 3:35 am – 4:08 pm 6:35 am – 7:08 pm
January 14th 7:18 am – 7:45 pm 10:18 am – 10:45 pm
January 16th 10:10 pm – 3:17 am (17th) 1:10 am (17th) – 6:17 am (17th)
January 19th 1:24 pm – 3:10 pm 4:24 pm – 6:10 pm
January 21st 5:25 pm – 2:46 am (22nd) 8:25 pm – 5:46 am (22nd)
January 24th 9:34 am – 2:44 pm 12:34 pm – 5:44 pm
January 26th 11:18 pm – 12:37 am (27th) 2:18 am (27th) – 3:37 am (27th)
January 28th 9:53 pm – 12:37 pm (29th) 12:53 am (29th) – 3:37 pm (29th)
January 30th 12:00 pm – 5:29 pm 3:00 pm – 8:29 pm

When the Moon is void, these are NOT good times for: making progress in a meeting, signing a contract, making a major purchase, or starting anything new that you hope will progress into something more. There are no lunar aspects which means there are no influences to trigger any positive changes or events.

However, these can be good times for: following a regular routine, finishing something already started, taking time off, cleaning & organizing, casual social events, or doing anything you would like to happen as it usually does.



Download the January Moon Calendar

To keep track of this month’s moon phases, void moons, power moon days, and major astrological events, here is a handy free astrological calendar you can download or print off to consult the moon as you plan your month. Hope you enjoy!



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