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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius ~ Shifting Society

Throughout time, eclipses have always brought in swift changes for us here on Earth.

From shifts in leadership to the beginnings of entirely new chapters within the history of the world, eclipses have been known to quickly change around the tides to give us a chance to skip ahead to a new track.

The first of two eclipses in the month of August – which always occur in pairs – will be happening on Monday, August 7/8th, 2017 depending on where you live in the world (see exact times below).

It’s hard to explain exactly what will be happening, however, without bringing in a bit of science into the conversation.

Scientifically speaking, the Moon will be passing directly behind the Earth, shielded from the Sun, to bring in a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. The Moon moves so quickly, however, that its bright beaming light will only be dimmed for a couple of hours.


The second eclipse later this month will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse, with the darkened moon passing between us and the brightness of the Sun, making the sky darken for just a few minutes and momentarily upsetting the natural balance and magnetic field of our planet.

In between these two eclipses, we are being caught between two sides of the coin – with one side being our Past Life Karma (South Node of the Moon) and the other being our Future Destiny (North Node of the Moon).

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, then, is such a major time of letting go of deeply ingrained thought patterns from the past in order to pave the way for the future – not only on a personal & individual level, but as a society in general.

This is no average Full Moon because we are meant to be letting go of so much more than just the trials & tribulations from the last month or the last year, we are having to let go of almost an entire lifetime of fear around NOT believing we can do more for others, or go further, or stand out from the crowd by becoming bigger and brighter versions of ourselves.

This is so powerful, and when you realize all of the power that is behind this, it’s no wonder why so many crazy things tend to happen during Eclipse Season. Just ask around and I am sure you will find several accounts of others who will agree that major shifts are happening on the planet right now!

So, how can we work with this powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to use it to our advantage when it comes to our practical, everyday life + career moves? Read on below…




FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius // August 7, 2017 @ 11:11 am PT / 2:11 pm ET / 7:11 pm UK / 4:11 am AEST (on the 8th)

Letting go to embrace the future. Deep down, many of us want to reach out, make a difference, and change the world somehow. But how many of us ever actually get the chance to do so in a major way?

Aquarius is one of the most progressive, “New Age-y”, and forward thinking signs of the zodiac, with a knack for adopting new technology and researching radical-seeming futuristic concepts that have never been heard of until someone (maybe even you?) is brave enough to bring them into being on a greater level. The good news is you don’t need to be an Aquarius to reap the benefits.

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius will be helping us all break out of the past and forge a radical new path into the future by changing the way we relate to others.

This airy Full Moon will be perfect for detaching from anything that has held you back from reaching out to your community to lend a hand in your own special way, and for letting go of anything that has been keeping you from making a bigger & bolder difference in the world through your life + career.


On this Full Moon, look for answers around:

  • “What would you like to change most about the world – or even within your chosen career field – if you could change anything?”
  • “What fears have been keeping you from standing out as someone who is unique & different from the rest of the crowd and how can you now learn to release this?”
  • “How have you been able to step up and help your community so far in the past?”
  • “What outmoded beliefs, systems, or habits are you now ready to let go of, so you can reach out and help make the world a more magical place in your own special way?”


On a wider scale, this Full Moon will signal the completion of a cycle that began on the New Moon in Aquarius on January 27/28th, 2017. Look back for a moment… what were you beginning to work on then? Perhaps some of it has already begun to come true, but now is the time to see it come full circle.



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