Weekly Forecast for February 18-24, 2018

Weekly Astrological Forecast
Weekly Astrological Forecast

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day.



♓ PISCES SEASON BEGINS ~ Today the Sun moves out of revolutionary Aquarius and into intuitive Pisces! The next month is the time to get back in touch with your deeper feelings and emotions and use them as a guide to lead you right where your heart truly wants to go. The Sun is also joining Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and an asteroid called Chiron in Pisces, so there is a ton of powerful mystical energy in the air that may have you craving deeper connections, diving into spiritual healing work, or imagining dreamy scenarios of where you would like to take yourself next in the future if only the sky were the limit.



We kick off the work week with the moon in driven, go-getter Aries. After last week’s New Moon, you may be feeling fired up and ready to start bringing new ideas into the world! Mars is making a harmonious alignment with the North Node of Future Destiny which can help you take action in the direction of your dreams.

However, this is a good week for researching your next move and laying out all of the possible factors that may be necessary to keep on top of if you are going to pull off your next grand master plan, so don’t let this impulsive energy rush you into anything before you are able to double check that you are aiming in the right direction to begin with!



>> VOID MOON into Taurus – For 8 hours starting @ 3:12 am PT / 6:12 am ET / 11:12 am UK / 10:12 pm AEDT

Today the moon moves into Taurus, setting the pace for a slightly calmer way of life. This is great energy for laying the foundation for your next goal to come forth while making sure you are building something that is going to be able to stand the test of time and not just be a one-time fluke that you’ll give up on when the going gets tough! If there is something you really want, you should figure out the absolute best way to go about it and consider what it’s really going to take (and how much it might cost you in the end).



This is by far the dreamiest day of the week! Love & money planet Venus lines up with Neptune, the planet of dreams & visions – something that only happens once every 18 months. Your dreams may be especially crazy or you could be feeling very nostalgic or even in the mood to tune out of everyday mundane life. It can definitely be a good vibey kind of day, but make sure you are keeping at least one solid foot on the ground so you don’t get yourself into trouble by following a desire or idea that is not completely rooted in reality.

Luckily, we also have Mercury in an opportunistic alignment with discerning Saturn which can help us find a good balance between dreaming big and making a realistic plan that will actually take us where we want to go.



>> VOID MOON into Gemini – For 12 hours starting @ 3:46 am PT / 6:46 am ET / 11:46 am UK / 10:46 pm AEDT {on the 16th}

Today love & money planet Venus moves on rather quickly to make an awkward angle with the North Node of Destiny. You may need to make some adjustments to your plans to get them back on track with what you really want. With the moon in Gemini, it can be a helpful time to share your plans or ideas with others to get a second opinion, or maybe even find someone you can talk to who can help you pull it off!



🌓 FIRST QUARTER MOON in ♊ Gemini ~ The moon reaches its halfway point from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius to our upcoming Full Moon in Virgo (on March 1st). It’s time to roll up all of your research, pin up your plans, make a big move and get to work! This next week is a busy time for making things happen and pulling the trigger on the next big thing you are working to manifest. It’s now or never, baby!



As we wrap up the week, the moon finishes up its roll through Gemini, making for a busy weekend of socializing. Your mind may be a bit restless with ideas, but instead of overworking, why not get out into the world to check in with some like-minded friends and enjoy the sights & sounds of your city? You are going to need to store up some relaxation points while you can because next week will be all about ramping things up and going towards your goals with gusto!

>> VOID MOON into Cancer – For 7 hours starting @ 2:58 pm PT / 5:58 pm ET / 10:58 pm UK // 9:58 am AEDT {on the 25th}


Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider, universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. >> Book a reading with me to find out more about how the planets are affecting you personally!