Cosmic Career Report: November 20-26, 2017

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day.



What are you getting ready to take action on next? With Mars in a harmonious angle with the North Node of Destiny, you may be feeling especially fired up to move forward into this new moon cycle (and soon to be a new sun cycle) with an extra dose of motivation and passion towards your future goals. Although the moon is now slowly fading back into view again after our New Moon last weekend, the first few days may not be entirely clear in terms of what you’re going to do to make your next move, but at least you will be feeling determined to figure it out!

>> VOID MOON into Capricorn {For ~7 hours starting @ 4:27 pm PT / 7:27 pm ET // 12:27 am UK / 11:27 am AEDT on the 21st}


This is the very last day of Scorpio Season before we move into a new area of focus and the next chapter of our year! Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation, this is the final breakthrough point where you may find yourself stepping things up to a whole new level in your life + career or even just in terms of your clarity around what really matters most to you underneath it all.

With Venus making two major angles with Pluto and the North Node of Destiny, this is a day when change can be really good and can even hold karmic implications that can set you on a whole new path when it comes to money, love, or just attracting more good vibes in your daily life. Let go of the old you and renew your commitment to honoring your true desires!



Welcome to Sagittarius Season! Today the Sun begins its next adventure in this fun-loving fire sign as it fuels us to seek out more of the magic and wonder the greater world has to offer us beyond our normal daily schedules or routines. Pay attention to what you’re curious about because it could lead you in a totally new direction you may not have thought of before!

On this same day, Neptune ends its long 5-month retrograde period. Because this is the planet of dreams and ideals, we may not have been entirely clear on where we would ideally like our life & career to be… or where we hope our daily efforts will take us. The good news is that, with this planet now turning around to go back in forward motion, we can finally begin to work out a greater dream vision that has our heart all aflutter so we can start taking even more solid steps to make it so. 💓

>> VOID MOON into Aquarius {For ~21 hours starting @ 2:33 pm PT / 5:33 pm ET / 10:33 pm UK // 9:27 am AEDT on the 23rd}



Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, but regardless of where you are in the world, it’s an especially good day to slow down and focus on what you’re grateful for. The moon will be void for most of the day, so work projects may not be able to move forward as much as you may like, but doing maintenance work such as catching up on e-mails or other small tasks you can get out of the way that you have been putting off could be a good way to spend your work day if you’re not going to be off feasting with your family.

The good news for those of us who will be surrounded with family is that the moon in Aquarius can help guide us to look at things logically without getting caught up in any difficult emotions that family can sometimes be really good at bringing out in us!



The moon is still in Aquarius, building up closer and closer to the First Quarter Moon (but not quite there yet). We’re still in the research and planning stage until Sunday, so this would be a good day to look at your bigger picture plans and start laying things out more. How would you like things to pan out for you in both the short term and long term picture? What is your bigger goal and what are the smaller steps that will eventually lead you there?



The moon glides over the South Node of Past Karma which may momentarily bring up previous memories or blockages from the past, but with Mercury in a harmonious angle with radical Uranus, we can more easily find solutions to any issues or constrictions that come up so you can keep flowing forward into the future with less baggage weighing you down. You may even come up with a unique idea or have an unusual conversation that sparks something new you hadn’t yet considered.

>> VOID MOON into Pisces {For ~5.5 hours starting @ 6:38 pm PT / 9:38 pm ET // 2:38 am UK / 1:38 pm AEDT on the 26th}



Today brings our First Quarter Moon in Pisces. Ever since the New Moon last weekend, we have been percolating and planning out our next moves, but today sounds the bell to make your next official move forward. This upcoming week will be very busy as you work hard towards a worthy goal, so now is the time to commit to it and begin jumping in wholeheartedly to your next quest!


Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider, universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. 
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