Cosmic Career Report: September 17-23, 2017

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day.



For most of the weekend, the moon is in bold and courageous Leo again for the first time since the moon was here for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. With the moon now fading into darkness, we can begin to reflect and look back at how far we have come and start up the slow and steady process of ruminating over where we might like to allow our creative spirit to take us next.

If you have important things to do today to help you get on track for the week, be sure to get to them early in the day to avoid the void moon times listed below.

>> VOID MOON into Virgo {For ~4 hours starting @ 5:55 pm PT / 8:55 pm ET on the 17th // 1:55 am UK / 10:55 am AEST on the 18th}



As we start off the week, the moon moves into Virgo. This is an excellent day to analyze and prioritize the work you would like to get done over the course of this week. Think about what would make you feel good to have accomplished, but also how you can leave some room for magic. With the moon still decreasing in size and light in preparation for the New Moon on Wednesday, your energy level may be lower and tonight would be perfect for a ritualistic bath or a cup of tea and a journal session.



After a month of expressing our desires more loudly and boldly, Venus moves into Virgo as we begin to take the ideas & values that make our heart flutter behind the scenes to workshop. Over the next 3 weeks, perfectionism reigns supreme as we will all greatly appreciate the power of essentialism and praise the smaller details that can make life even more special.

Today’s energy may bring you to daydream about what you want and where you want to be. Your goals may seem far away and you may not be fully clear on what you want. Take some time to let your mind wander as you imagine all of the possibilities of what your life & career could be. Tomorrow you’ll set an intention that will take you forward into the next 6 months.



🌑 NEW MOON in ♍️ Virgo: Although we have already been dealing with Virgo themes of prioritization, practicality, and purity for the last few weeks, we wind down the season with the need to capitalize on all that we have learned about what matters most to us and turn it into a vow that can take us into the future. How can you continue to support yourself in your health, work and daily routines to create a life that hums along more smoothly and peacefully for you?

>> VOID MOON into Libra {For ~4 hours starting @ 10:31 pm PT on the 19th // 1:31 am ET / 6:31 am UK / 3:31 pm AEST on the 20th}



As the moon now begins bringing back the light, we are at the dawning of a new manifestation cycle. With the moon in Libra, we can begin to harmonize with the ideas we are looking forward to bringing forth in the future and prepare to research what it will take to get us where we want to go as we start to wrap up this week.



>> VOID MOON into Scorpio {For 4.5 hours starting @ 6:05 am PT / 9:05 am ET / 2:05 pm UK / 11:05 pm AEST}

LIBRA SEASON BEGINS: Goodbye meticulous Virgo, and hello free-spirited Libra! We can finally begin to take a step back from focusing so closely on the smaller details to invite more peace, beauty, balance, love and enjoyment into our lives and work situations as the Sun moves through Libra for the next 4 weeks. The next month is an especially beautiful time for fostering & renewing relationships with clients, customers, colleagues, as well as close partners.

Even though the Sun is now in lovely Libra, the moon is in the more serious sign of Scorpio today. With Mercury in a harmonious angle with changemaker Pluto, you may experience thoughts, ideas or conversations that can promote mindful breakthroughs and a greater awareness of the deeper emotions that lie within you. Now that you have started to become more conscious of what you want to bring into your life next, what will you need to let go of to make the space and become the person you need to be to make it happen?



As our week winds down, the moon is still in Scorpio and with no new planetary energy coming in and hopefully less work to distract us, we can really take the time to get serious about what needs to change, evolve or break way for us to live a brighter life. This process begins with feeling into your deeper emotions, so don’t be afraid to dive in and really ask yourself how you’re feeling and why.

Hope you have a magical week. xo


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