Weekly Forecast for April 22-28, 2018

Weekly Astrological Forecast
Weekly Astrological Forecast

Day-by-Day Overview

*If you live in Australia or NZ, be sure to add +1 day.



>> VOID MOON into Leo – For 2 hours starting @ 7:58 am PT / 10:58 am ET / 3:58 pm UK // 12:58 am AEST {on the 23rd}

🌓 FIRST QUARTER MOON in ♌ Leo: It’s a big day! We are being called to take bold action now and make the next step forward in our current plans & projects while being courageous and creative. Last week was all about planning and researching, but this week is all about the doing! Ready or not, it’s time to make the leap as we start moving closer to our next Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th.

PLUTO RETROGRADE BEGINS: Pluto is the planet of evolution, death & rebirth, and major breakthroughs. When it goes into retrograde until September 30th, it becomes a time of looking within to figure out how we need to evolve to become better versions of ourselves and what we need to leave behind in order to do that. It’s a time of soul searching and observing the underlying beliefs and patterns that cause you to do what you do and structure your life the way you do. It’s like you’re collecting data as you try to decide how you want to evolve as a person, a business owner, and a soul in the future.



Today’s expansive energy allows us to make great progress towards our most exciting goals as Mars makes an opportunistic angle with Jupiter. It may be Monday, but the Moon is in Leo revving us forward and giving us the confidence to jump fully into our work with our undivided attention and go for the gold.



>> VOID MOON into Virgo – For 2 hours starting @ 11:40 am PT / 2:40 pm ET / 7:40 pm UK // 4:40 am AEST {on the 25th}

Today Venus moves out of Taurus, one of its favorite signs, and into Gemini. The mood lightens up and people will be more likely to want to be playful, light-hearted, chatty, and to get out and have more fun without focusing so much on hard-edged or heavy emotions. Geminis will especially feel blessed during this time and can receive the things they want more easily while their sign is in favor with the planet of love, money, beauty, and admiration for the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Venus will also make a helpful angle with Chiron, the asteroid known for deep healing work. If there are issues you have been having trouble dealing with – either physically, emotionally, or mentally – then today’s energy can help smooth this over and make you feel a little better!



By mid-week, the cosmos will shift gears and things may start to feel a little more high pressure as Mercury squares off with Saturn. If you are feeling especially busy now, you might find yourself being short with people around you as you become especially focused on work or achieving a big goal. Try not to get frustrated with the speed of your progress. Sometimes taking your time to think things through can help you find a better solution than you could if you are just trying to rush through and get things done.




>> VOID MOON into Libra – For 15 hours starting @ 2:49 am PT / 5:49 am ET / 10:49 am UK / 7:49 pm AEST

The energy now is quite major! Mars will align with Pluto today and tomorrow, triggering us to make big changes or we may feel driven to do whatever it takes to achieve something. If there’s something you’ve been needing to move on from (or toward), this will be the time you will be most likely to feel ready to do it. Both of these planets’ energy together can be one of the most intense or even explosive combinations, so if tough situations arise either with you or people around you, it’s good to have a self-care backup plan ready so you are not pushing yourself too hard trying to power through.



As yesterday’s crazy energy continues into today, Mercury will luckily be making a positive angle with the North Node of Future Destiny. Conversations that are had or even ideas that pop up in your mind can help point you in the direction that will help you grow further into your leadership potential. This can actually give you the gusto to move forward with more clarity and confidence in yourself!



It’s the day before the Full Moon and the energy may still be feeling a little bit intense as Mars & Pluto’s tango in the sky only just begins fading. Luckily, the moon is still in lovely Libra which can help us regain our balance over the weekend and look for ways to bring more harmony into our lives. You may even feel inclined to have fun or go to a party to shake off any last remaining heavy vibes!

>> VOID MOON into Scorpio – For 2 hours starting @ 10:17 pm PT // 1:17 am ET / 6:17 am UK / 3:17 pm AEST {on the 29th}


Note: These are the collective energies for the week that will be present on a wider universal level. They may affect you in different areas of your life depending on your unique astrological blueprint. >> Book a reading with me to find out more about how the planets are affecting you personally!