Cosmic Career Report: August 6-12, 2017

{ Note from Natalie: It’s a new week and a new chance to improve on these videos! I have decided to switch things up a bit with this video and make it feel a little less like a weather forecast and a lot more like an intimate chat. However, you will still be able to find a more in-depth daily overview below each video to break down the daily energies for you to help you plan out your week. 👇🏻 }

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Daily Overview

>> If you live in Australia, be sure to add +1 day to the dates listed below.



>> VOID MOON into Aquarius {For ~3 hours @ 2:22 am PT / 5:22 am ET / 10:22 am UK / 7:22 pm AEST}

Today the Moon moves from forward-thinking Capricorn into Aquarius and it can be a good day for planning and looking ahead at what you need to do to feel more prepared for the week ahead.



🌕 FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in ♒️ Aquarius {Exact at 11:11 am PT / 2:11 pm ET / 7:11 pm UK / 4:11 am AEST on the 8th}: The energy levels may be especially raw or intense today. It’s always a good idea to look for healthy ways to express your emotions on a Full Moon, but even more so during a Lunar Eclipse because people can become much more accident prone since the magnetic field of the planet can be slightly thrown off. Use today to celebrate your victories from the past 6 months, uncover the truth about how you’re feeling, and let go, release, or forgive anything that hasn’t been working out for you very well in your life + career.



>> VOID MOON into Pisces {For ~3 hours @ 12:08 am PT / 3:08 pm ET / 8:08 pm UK / 5:08 am AEST on the 9th}

When the moon is in Pisces, it’s a wonderful time to get lost in your daydreams, watch a film, listen to music, follow a spiritual practice, journal, or be there for someone in need. You can tap into your true emotions much more easily at this time, which can be beautiful for healing, as long as you keep the energy from stagnating and don’t allow yourself to drown or try to escape from how you feel.



With the Sun in angle with Pluto, this is an important day to make adjustments in how you are expressing yourself in order to change, transform, or evolve to the next level in your life and work.



>> VOID MOON into Aries {For ~15 hours @ 6:38 am PT / 9:38 am ET / 2:38 am UK / 11:38 pm AEST}

This has the potential to be an opportunity-filled day for bringing more growth and abundance into your life. There may also be an opportunity to come up with an idea or have a conversation that can help you get more of what you value. However, with such a mega long Void Moon, your initial plans may get thrown off track or you may have trouble starting new things today. Try re-prioritizing your efforts or changing your path in order to get on track towards realizing a dream vision.



Yay for Friday! This has the potential to be a lovely day for daydreaming or realizing an ideal vision by going after the things you want.



Mercury Retrograde Begins: Today Mercury begins its retrograde journey back through the sign of Virgo, allowing us to re-think, review, and revise how we are editing our lives, what we are leaving out and what we allow in, and what we need to do to be more mindful, practical and logical about supporting ourselves in all of the things we do in our life and career.


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So, that’s it for this week! I am SO excited to start bringing you the weekly Cosmic Career Report in this new format, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! Until next time I hope you have a magical week and I’ll see you soon.


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