Cosmic Career Report: August 20-26, 2017

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Day-by-Day Overview

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The moon will already be in Leo in preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse. With Mars and Jupiter sort of like making eyes at each other, there’s a nice opportunity today to take proactive action that can lead you to expand your world in some way.

It will be a Dark Moon which can mean low energy, but it’s also good for taking action from a place of deep inner knowing of what is needed in your world right now.



🌑 NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in ♌️ Leo: With the New Moon passing over the Sun to block out the light, this just happens to be like a Super New Moon and it’s an awesome time to set a big and bold intention for your life.

How are you going to take your life’s work bigger, bolder, and better than ever before? What impact do you want to have on others through this work? This is going to be the time to make a decision and put out into the universe what you want to happen in a big way.

We also have the Sun in a harmonious aspect with Uranus today, so don’t be afraid to be a little radical and think of something even bigger and wilder than you normally would. You never know what can happen. And if you don’t ask, you can’t receive.

>> VOID MOON into Virgo {For ~2 hours @ 11:31 am PT / 2:31 pm ET / 7:31 pm UK / 4:31 am AEDT (on Tuesday the 22nd)



On Tuesday, we have the beginning of Virgo season. So this Super New Moon in Leo is really like the grand finale of all of this Leo energy we’ve been dealing with for the whole last month.

Virgo likes to take its work and edit it down to the most essential details in order to serve a bigger purpose. It’s also a time of thinking about how you can best use your talents to serve & benefit others in even more practical and efficient ways.



Wednesday is more of a chill day. We will have a Void Moon with the moon moving from Virgo into Libra and that’s pretty much about it, but we are gearing up for some more wild energy for Thursday.

>> VOID MOON into Libra {For 5 hours @ 1:03 pm PT / 3:03 pm ET / 8:03 pm UK / 5:03 am AEDT (on Thursday the 24th)



Love & money planet Venus will be squaring off with radical and rebellious Uranus. This can be a good day for taking your ideas to the next level, as all week long we will be challenged to start researching and setting the groundwork for the New Moon intentions we set on the Solar Eclipse.



And finally dun dun dun! Saturn is going to leave retrograde on Friday the 25th. This is very, very, very good news my friends! We can finally feel like we are getting on track with things after several months of experimenting with what will be the most practical plan of action for you moving forward.

Things can start to get a whole lot clearer after this and you can finally start to move forward towards your goals with discipline and a more narrowly focused aim.

>> VOID MOON into Scorpio {For ~3 hours @ 10:40 pm PT // 1:40 am ET  / 6:40 am UK / 3:40 pm AEDT (on Saturday the 26th)



Last but not least, Saturday brings us an alignment between the Sun and Mercury who is still in retrograde until September 5th. However, Saturday is a fabulous day for realizing more about what the current Mercury retrograde period has been trying to tell you, so pay attention to the thoughts, ideas, messages, or other issues that come up for you on Saturday the 26th.


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