Cosmic Career Report: August 13-19, 2017

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Day-by-Day Overview



>> VOID MOON into Taurus {For ~3 hours @ 1:02 am PT / 4:02 am ET / 11:02 am UK / 6:02 pm AEST on the 13th}

Although Mercury Retrograde has now begun, Sunday is going to be a really nice day for getting on track with what you need to be doing to move forward with a practical plan of action and get yourself on track. In the evening, the Moon will be in Taurus, so it’s great for finding more beauty, harmony & comfort in your life, and also pretty great for snacking in front of the TV to give yourself a breather before a new week begins.



🌗 LAST QUARTER MOON in ♉️ Taurus: This is the time in the moon cycle when we begin to wind down our energy and reflect back on all we have been learning since our last New Moon, and this kind of reflective vibe will be continuing up until the next New Moon which will be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st.

>> VOID MOON into Gemini {For ~13 hours @ 6:16 pm PT / 9:16 pm ET // 2:16 am UK on the 15th / 11:16 am AEST on the 15th}



On Tuesday, we have some more intense energy starting to come in. Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty will be up against Pluto, the planet of change & transformation. This can manifest in one part of you just wanting to enjoy your life and savor the day, and another part wanting to charge forward and make difficult changes. The trick with this energy is to try to find balance. Maybe you have to work really hard that day, but you can still infuse your work hours with some loveliness in the form of fresh flowers on your desk, a yummy latte, and some sweet music or essential oils wafting around the room, especially if you’re feeling stressed out. Working hard can still be pretty enjoyable if you let it!



On Wednesday, the Moon will be in chatty, multi-tasking Gemini, and you may need to pivot in your direction so be open to making changes that will allow you to evolve to the next level in your life & career.

Wednesday also happens to be one of the most powerful days of the whole year! It’s right in the middle of Eclipse Season and the Sun will be aligning with the North Node of Destiny to help reveal more of what is coming up for all of us in the future. You can download intriguing ideas or knowledge and new information may be coming to light, so pay attention to that!



>> VOID MOON into Cancer {For ~2.5 hours @ 6:39 am PT / 9:39 am ET / 2:39 pm UK / 11:39 pm AEST}

On Thursday, we have some big energy too. Following what you love & desire to bring into your life & career next can really take you to the next level. You are being called to grow & expand by following your bliss, and this can have many many benefits for you if you’re willing to do what it takes to step it up a notch in the work you’re doing in the world.



Friday is another day for making adjustments. Now that you are becoming clearer on what you want to go after next, you may need to create a better plan around it. How can you take what you would love to do the most in your career and make it practical, logical, and real?

This is a good question to ruminate on over the next weekend after that as the moon moves into Leo to get ready for the New Moon Solar Eclipse.


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