Cosmic Career Blueprint

Dive into your complete astrology chart & discover your true calling! 💫

What if you had your very own user’s manual for your life + career?  You wouldn’t have to waste any more time messing around in the wrong job, you could finally dive right into your real passions, and you wouldn’t have to care what anyone else thought – because you’ll finally realize that this is just the way you were born! Wild, free, and authentically YOU.

Your cosmic blueprint can help you learn…

  • What is your true soul purpose and how can you best make a difference in the world?
  • How can you use your unique gifts & talents to your advantage in your current career, job or business?
  • How can you find more passion & purpose in your work?
  • What are some of your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Which signs do you work the best with?
  • When are you the most productive?
  • And how can you achieve that elusive “work/life balance?
  • As a bonus, which Tarot Card best describes your soul’s mission?

Best of all, everything in this epic 20-page personalized astrological report is explained and laid out in a way you can easily understand even if you’re brand new to astrology.

It’s the book of you, written for you & about you…

>> Preview a FULL Cosmic Career Blueprint here! ✨


1. Choose your edition below and then pick a date & time for your report to be delivered.
2. Fill out your contact information and birth details. (Be sure to double-check that everything is correct!)
3. Enter your payment information using Paypal to submit your details & order your report.

✒︎ Note: You must know the exact date, time, and location of your birth in order to get the most accurate results from this report.

Digital Report:

$99 USD

Who are you really and how can you use this to your advantage in your life & career? Dive into a complete 20-page overview of your astrological birth chart and a rundown of unique career options based on the exact date, time, and location of your birth.

*Your full PDF report will be e-mailed to you by the delivery date you schedule. (You do not need to be physically present!)

Digital + Print Edition:

$122 USD

Receive your report as a digital PDF and a special, professionally printed edition shipped to your door so you can reference it anytime & cherish it forever OR choose to give one to a friend as a gift (just be sure you know their exact birth details).

*For Print Orders, please allow 7+ days after your scheduled date for delivery (orders outside the U.S. may take longer).

What others are saying:

“My reading with Natalie was so helpful – it was both reaffirming of my own intuitive understanding of myself, and also a valuable resource to use my tendencies to my own advantage. The blueprint made me feel so seen and acknowledged, and I was filled immediately upon reading it with an unshakeable sense of peace. This is who I am, and who I am is so unique and special. What a gift, Natalie! Thank you for giving me the blessing of self understanding paired with the gift of actionable tools. I highly recommend if you’re seeking clarity in your career!”

~ Laura Weldy, Life Coach at The Well Supported Woman ★★★★★

“Reviewing my Cosmic Career Blueprint was so empowering! Not only was every major aspect broken down in a real-world way without jargon, but specific details on what makes me unique, the distribution of elements in my chart, which signs I work best with, and how to use my Jupiter luck are both inspiring and practical. I can’t wait to tie this in with my current personal branding project. In addition, I appreciated the recommended recharge practices, self-care tips, and most productive days and times. As I have spent this year diving into tarot, the ‘if you were a tarot card’ section at the end was a delightful surprise. The result was a card I never would have thought of for me, but makes sense after reviewing all the information together. Thank you, Natalie!”

~ Amanda Coburn, Graphic Designer ★★★★★

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