Career Scopes for Gemini Season ~ 5/21 – 6/20

Gemini Season: May 21 – June 20 ~

Come out, come out, wherever you are! After a month of working hard to get more of what we really want for ourselves during Taurus season, we’re ready to get out there and see who around us can help bring that vision to life.

Now that the world is coming alive again, this month is the perfect time to get back in touch with your circle of friends, siblings, acquaintances, or potential business partners and see how you can help each other out or even find a way to collaborate in some way.

Gemini is a sociable sign that loves to keep insanely busy by following its curiosities, sharing ideas, and networking with others.

Here’s the thing, though. After going so slowly and learning to savor every moment in Taurus Season, Gemini only wishes it could slow down! Ideas, tasks, meetings, and multi-tasking will be non-stop at this time, and it may be especially easy to get lost in the noise or get distracted away from your main mission due to a classic case of FOMO (fear of missing out). Priorities, people!

We also have our planet of growth & abundance, Jupiter, finally ending its retrograde period on June 9th and charging forward again in the harmonious sign of Libra. This will be your true cue to branch out to new territory and embrace an even greater feeling of bountiful magic in your life. ✨

The only problem is that Neptune – the planet of dreams, ideals & delusions – will be going into retrograde only a week after Jupiter goes direct, which can jumble up your dream vision for the future and make your truest desires a little more confusing than normal.

So, as you embark on this month, no matter what your zodiac sign is… it’s going to be very important to remember to always re-align with who you really are and what you really want, and don’t forget to enlist all the stops when it comes to the amazing art and array of self-care rituals that can help you calm down and re-gain the proper perspective when life & work gets crazy.

Some of the most major upcoming astrological events over the next month include:

  • New Moon in Gemini – May 25, 2017
  • Jupiter Retrograde Ends – June 9, 2017
  • Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 9, 2017
  • Neptune Retrograde Begins – June 16, 2017

What will this season have in store for your zodiac sign specifically? Find out below…


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(March 21 – April 19)

It’s the dawning of a new day! For much of the last month, you were forced to do a lot of deep inner work to figure out what you really want next for yourself in your life + career. This month, the Sun enters your 3rd house of Social Networking. Now that you’ve become more aware of what your desires might entail, it’s a great time for you to get out and socialize with others in your circle of friends, aquaintances, or business buddies to see if there’s someone else you could be collaborating with to make it happen faster. Did somebody say “Joint Venture”?

With the Full Moon falling in your 9th house of Travel & Education, you may need to ward against getting bored, distracted or becoming infatuated with the infectious idea of escaping away from business as usual. Don’t let your wildest ideas seduce you! Instead, this is the time to allow yourself to become more aware of the sea of opportunities that exist all around you – and the real magic is going to be found in appreciating the people and things that already surround you in your everyday life.

Lucky for you, with Jupiter heading direct, it will finally be primetime for growing & deepening your relationships with others. However, with Neptune going into retrograde on June 16th, you may also begin to face some confusion around what your bigger dream or mission actually is. Try to remain patient & open-hearted and you shall attract all that you desire in time.  << Back to Top



(April 20 – May 20)

You’re finally coming into your own, dear Taurus. Over the last month, you’ve been working very hard to figure out how to establish your identity on a more authentic level. With the Sun now rallying into 2nd base, your next order of business is to establish your ground rules, a.k.a. figure out what the things are that are really going to make you love your life – and make doing more of that your mission!

The only thing is that our Full Moon in Sagittarius will be landing in your 8th house of Financial Resources. So, if you are now going to allow yourself to have what you want, you’ll need to be prepared to silence those crazy voices in your head that have told you it cannot happen. Of course it can, you’re a Taurus! You’ll just need to tend your garden of wishes with care and consistency, and you will eventually succeed.

Your lucky area of growth for this year, which is your area of Health, Work & Daily Routines, becomes re-activated as Jupiter moves direct mid-month. However, Neptune will soon be crossing wires in your community sector, so you will want to be mindful of avoiding friendly-seeming situations that may sound dreamy, but just aren’t all that practical for you. If you can keep your eye on the prize, you might just be surprised at what you can accomplish. << Back to Top



(May 21 – June 20)

Happy Birthday, Gemini! I hope you’re ready to come out of your bubble and enter the world as the new true you. Last month, you were lost in thought, trying to figure out what really matters most to you in life. Now, the Sun moves into your 1st house of Identity, allowing you to leave that confusing stream of consciousness behind and embrace your light. This is the month to evolve into more of who you really want to be and think about how you’d like to express your magic out in the world in a bigger way.

Of course, as the sign of the twins, there may be two sides to this story (isn’t there always?). The Full Moon will be falling in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, asking you to balance out your own personal development with that of your partner (or other important people around you). As you find your light, you may need to find new ways of relating to the people who still know you as the ‘old’ you. Try to be gentle as you help them bridge the gap & upgrade their expectations.

Meanwhile, your yearly gift from growth planet Jupiter is going be heightening your sense of Fun & Creativity, and this present will be re-activated again mid-month once Jupiter goes direct. Yay for the freedom to create more of the life you want! However, Neptune is going to be in retrograde soon after, creating a shadow of confusion around career matters. Sorry, but this is NOT the time to make a full-on decision about a possible career path – it’s going to be much better for experimenting and trying on different ideas to see which ones make you feel the most ‘you’ instead. << Back to Top



(June 21 – July 22)

After a busy month reaching out to the people in your community to share more of what you’ve got to offer, this is going to be more of a month of introspection for you, dear Cancer. Now the Sun will be moving into your 12th house of Spirituality & Mystical Pursuits, causing you to ask yourself what it will take to achieve more inner harmony with yourself as you learn how to answer some of the bigger questions in life (like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”). No big deal, right?

With the Full Moon falling in your 6th house of Health, Work & Daily Routines, you’re also in for a change of perspective in how you structure your days. Perhaps there are certain things you haven’t been doing to support yourself, that you may start becoming fully aware of so you can now switch it up. Maybe that’s by doing more for your body to keep it healthy, or even by changing how you go about your work to make it easier, more meaningful, or more supportive for you.

The good news is that growth planet Jupiter will be back in action in your home & family sector in mid-June, allowing you to open up to more abundance by securing your bonds with family members or upgrading your home life in some magical way. Your favorite! Towards the end of the month, dreamy planet Neptune will be going retrograde in your 9th house of Travel, Spirituality & Higher Education. This may prompt you to re-visit your grandest dreams & ideals for your life, especially surrounding the places you want to go or the things you’ve wanted to learn. Just think long & hard before actually committing to chasing after any wild visions of travel or even going back to college quite yet, as not everything may be fully clear for the next five months. << Back to Top



(July 23 – August 22)

Hey Leo, ready to get out and show the world what you’ve got? Last month you were busy working out how you can go so much further in your career. Now that the Sun is moving into your 11th house of Community, you’ll be more than ready to get out and mingle with friends or maybe even give back to your community in some way. One thing is for sure – your social calendar won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

The only thing is that, with the Full Moon landing in your 5th house of Creativity, you may become more aware of all of the things that you have been doing that have been taking away from the level of FUN of happening in your life.  It’s nice to collaborate with others from time to time, but what about YOUR creativity and your unique passions? If anything (or anyone) has been holding you back from expressing yourself more fully, this will be the time to take notice so you can let the true creative genius inside back out to roam.

As Jupiter glides back into your good graces in your 3rd house of Networking, the end of June will see you start widening your circle of aquaintances or finding a few good connections to help you get more of what you want in your life or career. Just be aware that business matters may become a bit more hazy as Neptune slips into retrograde soon after. You may have BIG, incredible ideas for building up your financially secure empire, but be smart and make sure they are actually viable for you and not just some wild dream that only sounds good in your mind. << Back to Top



(August 23 – September 22)

Hope you’ve had a nice time exploring, Virgo! After a big month of discovering what else there is to this crazy thing called life through some exciting travel adventures, spiritual studies, and/or real life studies, this month is going to be all about the big “C”… your Career! The whole world is wondering… what will s/he do next? (Not really, but it sure might feel like it now!) This is the month to get out & collaborate with others to drum up your next big idea and find ways to deepen your reputation for what you really want to be known for.

You’ve also got the Full Moon in Sagittarius landing in your 4th arena of Home & Family, a surefire way to make your fears around long-term security rise to the surface. This is going to be a good time to let go of all of the things that have been making you feel on edge about your living situation, your long term picture, or just the idea of being able to find a greater sense of comfort in your own inner circle of family. You do have the ability to provide for yourself far into the future, you just need to believe in yourself!

And can you say, ka-ching? Mid-June will be bearing gifts for you when growth planet Jupiter goes direct in your 2nd house of Values. That means receiving more love, money, admiration, or anything else you have discovered is truly important to you. Just remain clear on what exactly you want and this energy will help you expand on it until well into October. There’s also Neptune going retrograde later in June, which may make your biggest dreams and ideals for your close relationships or partnerships a bit foggy for a while. You may have amazing big plans for another person, but you may need to make sure they match up with what they have in mind, too. << Back to Top



(September 23 – October 22)

Time to be free, Libra! Over the past month, you’ve been busy working on your financial picture to make yourself feel more secure for the future. Now, as the Sun glides through your 9th house of Travel, Spirituality & Higher Education, you may feel the ache to step outside your normal day-to-day and learn something new. Perhaps you’re ready for something as expansive as a trip abroad, or as small as a daily meditation practice. Find balance now through exploring outside your normal realm of knowledge.

With the Full Moon in Sagittarius bumping into your 3rd house of Networking, you may also be feeling a little uneasy about the people you keep in your company. It could be time for a re-shuffle of friendships, or even to have the ability to accept that you are feeling ready for a whole new scene or something else completely different from what you’re normally used to.

As lucky Jupiter resumes its forward motion through your sign and your 1st house of Identity in mid-June, you will soon be finding more & more opportunities to assert yourself as a unique individual and step into a more confident version of your true self! Ask yourself, how would the new version of me take care of myself? With Neptune in retrograde in your 6th house of Health, Work & Daily Routines, you’ll still need to remember to support yourself by staying caught up on basic life responsibilities and enforcing a healthy daily routine to boost you up behind the scenes. << Back to Top



(October 23 – November 21)

Ready to get down to some serious business, Scorpio? After a month of diving deeper into your relationship issues and strengthening your closest bonds (or maybe even cutting ties, if the time has called for it), now it’s time to get real about sorting out your financial future. What actions can you take this month to secure your livelihood for the long haul? Maybe you are finally ready for a job that pays more, or even that exciting business venture with a promising outlook?

Just make sure that you DO have some type of goal in mind. Your fears of not having what you want or need could easily bubble up to the surface as the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be falling right into your 2nd house of Values, so it’s going to be very important that you know what you’re trying to achieve and what your idea of success truly entails. Write down a plan to help you get clear on what you really do want, so there will be nothing else holding you back from making it happen!

Lucky for you, growth planet Jupiter will be turning around and marching right back into your 12th house of Spirituality from June to October, helping you deepen into more magical, spiritual pursuits that can end up giving you a greater sense of balance in your life. Shortly after that begins happening, however, Neptune will be the one to go retrograde next. Your dreams & ideals around what you really want to create in the world may be especially confusing at this time, so expect to use the next 5 months to experiment with different ways of having fun or being creative in your life + career to suss out an even clearer ideal vision to work towards. << Back to Top



(November 22 – December 21)

Last month you did a lot of exploring around what it means to be more mindful in your daily rituals, taking stock of the ways you support yourself to be able to do your best work. As the Sun now floats through your opposite sign of Gemini, it’s time to come to terms with what makes you whole as a person. This month your focus is on Relationships, and strengthening your bonds with others who can support you in your life or even your business, as this can include both business & romantic relationships. Just know that this is not just about figuring out if the people around you have your back, but if you are truly going to be able to have theirs in return, too.

Not gonna lie, you do have a tough Full Moon this month as it will be falling in YOUR sign. You may also be purging a lot of baggage around loving yourself, accepting your true identity, and expressing your individual truth as a unique person in this world. This really does go hand in hand with the relationship discovery process mentioned above. You do know what they say: You’ve got to love yourself before you can truly love somebody else.”

Meanwhile, your ruling planet Jupiter will back in action in your 11th house of Community, helping you reach out to others in bigger and more exciting ways than ever before. Maybe this means growing your online following, or finding new & improved ways to relate with your friends or people in your community. Just be aware that your ideal vision of home & long-term security may be put into question once Neptune goes retrograde soon after! For the next 5 months, you may be exploring what type of home & family you really dream of and why, so allow yourself to remain fluid as your ideas are still developing. << Back to Top



(December 22 – January 19)

After a month of exploring new ways to have fun & enjoy yourself more, it’s time to get back into self-care mode. With the Sun now flittering through your 6th house of Health, Work, and Daily Routines, you are due for a check-up to take a look at all of the ways you support yourself in the day-to-day. So, are you taking care of your health? Or are you working yourself half to death? It’s time to be the boss of you and do what you need to do to re-align your daily schedule with your true needs.

With the Full Moon falling in your 12th house of Mystical Pursuits, you are finally ready to release something quite big. A limiting belief that has been holding you back. A secret you’ve kept from yourself or others. Something that has scared you silly in the past, but you’re now ready to put behind you. Let all of the negativity go, so you can embrace what you need to do to feel your best!

Once you have found your balance, it will be time to grow your career again. With Jupiter ending a long retrograde period where maybe you have felt a bit unsure about your next direction, you will now be able to charge ahead on career matters and expand your legacy. Just be sure you are not giving others the wrong idea about you. Neptune will be heading into retrograde in your 3rd house of Social Networking, mixing up signals and creating mysteries and illusions around your ideal way of communicating for the next 5 months. As mixed up as you may feel around expressing yourself, it’s really going to be helpful for you to try to be as direct as possible when it comes to your work, especially if any contracts are involved. << Back to Top



(January 20 – February 18)

Ready to come back out into the light, Aquarius? Last month was an important month to focus on strengthening your home & family life, and you’re probably quite ready for a bit of fun. Luckily, the sign of Gemini falls in your 5th house of Fun & Creativity, and this is going to be an excellent month to invite more play into your day-to-day. This is the time to find something that makes you feel your most creative and GO WILD!

Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be landing in your 11th house of Community, potentially bringing up any issues you may have been harboring around being creative out in your community. This Full Moon will ask you to re-set the balance between what you give to others and what you give to yourself. This is going to be both about enabling yourself to give and allowing yourself to receive.

With Jupiter turning around and coming right back through your 9th house of Travel, Spirituality & Higher Education in mid-June, you will once again have the opportunity to expand your horizons in exciting new ways. Perhaps this means becoming a bit of a jetsetter or getting the opportunity to dive into life-altering new reading material that excites your mind. The only issue is that Neptune Retrograde in your 2nd house can have you feeling a little disoriented around what you want, so you may need to use the next 5 months to experiment & ruminate on your dreamiest ideals for the future before you can set your next solid life goal. << Back to Top



(February 19 – March 20)

While last month you may have been quite busy networking and collaborating with others, it’s now time to set your sights on more of your long-term vision. As the Sun roams through your 4th house, you’re ready to dive deeper into things that make you feel stable in your life, like your home, family, or even a savings fund. Which actions can you take to start being able to live your life feeling more comfortable and in control?

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will be falling in your 10th house of Career, and this is a time when you will be asked to release any fears related to being successful in your career. The first step to true success is believing in yourself, and this moon will allow you to let go of your limiting beliefs so you can become stronger for yourself and others around you, such as your family.

Try not to worry long (or at all), dear Pisces. Soon lucky planet Jupiter will be flying back into your 8th house of Business come mid-June. This is YOUR year to expand your financial structures and create a greater sense of security within the way you make your money. The only problem is that Neptune will begin its retrograde in your sign shortly after. So, for the next 5 months, you may discover confusion around who you really are, who you dream of becoming, and how you believe you appear to others. You may just need to try on several different hats before you can decide which ones you feel the best wearing. << Back to Top


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