Cosmic Business Coaching

discover your true calling. align your life + career with the cosmos.

Are you done messing around in jobs that aren’t built around you and your life, your desires, your dreams, goals, your ideal way of working, or the impact you really want to be making in the world?

If you have a vision of what your career could be, but you need the tools, clarity, confidence, and systems to back it up, and you find yourself feeling overwhelmed about everything out there you need to know to create a successful business that actually pays the bills AND allows you to do what you truly love for a living – in a truly authentic way – then this unique ASTROLOGY-INFUSED BUSINESS COACHING program was especially created for you.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we can work together 1-on-1 to create a solid business plan that gives you the clarity and confidence to create your dream career while infusing your unique astrological blueprint (a.k.a. your life purpose) into everything you do along the way.

Gemini Constellation



Uncovering Your Life Purpose

In our first session together, we’ll take a look at your astrological birth chart to see what it has to say about who you really are, the work you were born to do, and talk about how you’ll transfer your calling into your career. This session will set the stage for everything we go on to discuss in future sessions so that every part of your business will reflect the true you and the way you personally work best. If you’ve already started your business, we can also look at the birth chart of your business to uncover clarifying insights about the best way to set it up.

*If you’ve already had a Career Alchemy Session, you can choose to skip this step to save $250.



Your Mission Statement

Once your vision is in place we’ll conduct market research to better understand how to do what you want to do. This will help you decide what you want your business to look and feel like, what you’ll offer & why, as well as who it’s for, and come up with what will be unique or different about what you do compared to other businesses who may be in the same niche, field, or have the same target market.

>> ACCOUNTABILITY ALERT: You’ll receive a workbook where you can fill in your homework after each session! This workbook must be turned in with your completed answers at least a day before the next week’s session.



Offerings & Operations

At the start of each session moving forward, we’ll go over your homework from the week before to make sure everything is clear and that you’re feeling good about your progress so far. In this next session, we’ll talk about how to craft your offerings in alignment with your calling and mission while putting together an official operation manual that will help you create streamlined processes for running and managing your business on both the back end and the front end.

For example: Looking at how your offerings fit together to provide an ideal client/customer experience, determining the process potential clients/customers will go through to buy from you, and setting up weekly/monthly/quarterly meetings to check in with your goals.



Making Money the Magical Way

Once you have the basic building blocks of your business in place, it’s time to figure out what you need to receive in return to make your offerings sustainable. Week 4 is all about MONEY. We’ll discuss the need to understand how much money you need to make to survive vs. thrive in your business in order to determine pricing that makes you feel aligned and happy to be of service. This topic tends to freak people out, so we’ll also talk about cultivating a stronger money mindset that will give you the confidence to ask for the abundance you truly deserve and provide a meaningful equal energetic exchange between you and the people you are here to serve using both a spiritual & practical approach that will help you program your mind for success in the morning, at night, and all during your work week.



Marketing Essentials

Once you’ve gotten clear on what you want to offer and how much you want to receive from your business, it’s time to get the word out about what you do. This is where building a community around your brand comes in! We’ll first create a marketing funnel flow chart to determine how you will move potential buyers from finding out about you to engaging with your brand, learning to like/know/trust you, and eventually pulling the trigger to work with you – and make a plan on how you’ll carry this out across each of the platforms you’ll be marketing on. We’ll also discuss how you can go the extra mile to make your business stand out to impress the people you most want to work with!



Your Future Strategy

In our last & final session together, we’ll go over your complete business plan to make sure you feel clear and confident around launching your business and making it real and talk about any remaining concerns, fears, or worries you may have about carrying your plan through. We’ll also go over a Yearly Forecast for you and your business so you have an astrological guide to refer to as you move forward into implementing everything in the future including what your monthly focus is, what major astrological challenges and opportunities you’ll be facing, and how to navigate life in the real world while aligning your work with the cosmos and using astrology to your advantage.

By the end of our time together, you will have a solid business plan based on your unique astrological blueprint that will allow you to move forward to reach your goals with both the right mindset and practical know-how to make it a reality while knowing everything in your plan is aligned with your soul purpose.




Starting a business can be scary because you don’t know what you don’t know! I started my first business at the age of 22 and eventually worked with female entrepreneurs all over the world who wanted my help with branding, graphic, and web design to get their vision off the ground and soaring. However, something I quickly realized is that even though these clients ended up with beautiful brands that made their business look legit and professional, their business plan wasn’t always very strong, and many of them sadly didn’t last.

Through studying astrology and eventually realizing I was meant to become a career astrologer, I was able to go back to the beginning with new clients and start from their soul so they could create and grow businesses that were in alignment with who they really are deep down! When you are building a business around your life purpose, it ends up allowing you to turn your calling into your career and create something beautiful and long-lasting that truly feels in sync.

Working with a coach is an incredible way to jump up to the next level so much more quickly than you could all on your own. You could spend months trying to figure out how to set everything up behind the scenes – or you could get a tried and true blueprint for success from someone who’s already done all of it and is right there to walk you through it all along the way.

I’ve created this business plan coaching program to set you up for soulful success. Whether you have already started your business and you feel unclear on where to take it next, or you are just in the very beginning stages, I would love to be your cosmic guide to the stars as well as a trusted business advisor to set you up with the practical know-how you need to make a professional impression and feel confident about your ability to make a living while helping amazing people who need what you have to offer.



  • Personalized 1-on-1 guidance over 6 weekly Zoom video calls to help you create a plan for a successful business that is aligned with your heart & soul’s calling
  • A digital workbook for each week’s homework where you can write your official business plan and put all of the information we talk about into practice
  • An illuminating career-based astrology reading, a custom design of your birth chart (and business chart if you already have one), and an in-depth Yearly Forecast to help you plan for the future beyond our time working together



  • A willingness to show up and participate in each weekly session (scheduled around your life) and complete every weekly homework assignment on time
  • A strong desire to put in the work to make your business dream a reality and a willingness to believe that everything is figure-out-able even when things get hard
  • A commitment to your own personal growth in addition to your career development as I help you evolve to the next level and create a business that is designed around your natural talents, interests, skills, and abilities


*$1,300 USD if you have previously scheduled a Career Alchemy Session

Before we begin working together, let’s make sure this will be a great fit!
 Please fill out this questionnaire to tell me a little bit about you and the business you want to start or grow. This will help me gauge if my knowledge and expertise is in alignment with your needs for the given field you’re in. If everything looks good, I’ll go ahead and reply with the next steps and we can get started!

What others have said about working with me:

“I absolutely loved my Career Alchemy Session with Natalie and wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who is interested in exploring their career in a different light. Natalie helped me to better understand certain elements of my personality and behaviour and provided me with some suggestions about how I can maximise my strengths in my career and business. It was a little spooky how accurate the reading was, with Natalie uncovering little details about my inner workings! Overall, I found the session to be incredibly insightful and I will use Natalie’s guidance to plan out any major launches or changes in my career and business, to be in line with the natural shifts in my energy and mindset.”

~ Rebecca McFarland, Career Coach at Pop Your Career, Australia ★★★★★

“It was astonishing to hear someone who doesn’t know me mirror everything I’ve felt to be true about myself and my business.  The session with you was very affirming and validating, and I’m so encouraged to know that my intuition and instincts are right, I am moving myself in the right direction, and then to have some guidance on marketing myself and my services.”

~ Leslie, Business Strategist at Benchmark Business Services, USA ★★★★★

“My reading with Natalie was really insightful and will have helped put me on the path to fulfilling my professional dreams. As someone who constantly questions herself and can’t figure out what she wants and likes, it was so nice to hear about how much potential I had to do great things, and how to go about reaching my goals. I learned about strengths I inherently knew I had, but had neglected to acknowledge and let shine. I’d previously been to see a professional career counselor and can safely tell you that my Career Alchemy session will have done a much better job at allowing me to narrow down what I want and don’t want, and which path to follow. If you’re feeling lost or confused about how you can best utilize your strengths to flourish and contribute to the world, then definitely consider booking a session!”

~ Julie Garred, Teacher, Canada ★★★★★

“I was very impressed at how much the reading resonated with my personality and goals. I never realized how much the planets impacted the way I think, and I feel I have a much better understanding of why I am the way I am. I also feel I have more clarity about my future! Highly recommend, thank you so much Natalie!”

~ Deja Osbourne, Artist & Graphic Designer at Deja Drew It, USA ★★★★★

“This was the most amazing reading! It was so incredibly on point and Natalie is so insightful. This reading really helped boost my confidence in my business and my path, it really solidified so many things for me and it completely changed my outlook on so many things. I can’t thank you enough Natalie!”

~ Jordana Zurita, Tarot Reader & Crystal Healer at House of Swords, USA ★★★★★

“Connecting with Natalie for my Career Alchemy Session was an incredibly enlightening experience. Her gentle guidance alongside the astrology confirms just what I’ve been feeling for myself. If you’re not familiar with astrology work, you MUST gift yourself this life-confirming experience. It’s as if Natalie already ‘knew’ me by sharing the exact guidance I needed in order to move forward. Thanks for sharing your light with the world and supporting me along my journey. xo”

~ Brittney Carmichael, Psychic Soul Coach at, USA ★★★★★

“I really enjoyed my Career Alchemy Session that brought insights and confirmations in exactly the right time! It was like Natalie was summarizing my entire life thus far including personality traits, life challenges and spiritual discoveries and gifts, as well as capturing my hopes and desires for the future beautifully. It left me with more clarity, confidence and feeling exactly on the right path. Thank you Natalie!”

~ Alexa Marie Cederholm, Channeler at Inner Peace Goddess, Sweden ★★★★★

“My reading from Soulshine Astrology gave me the insight I was looking for. I truly loved how beautifully she explained my astrological positions and how they point out to what are the best actions for me to take, where my energy needs to go and what my soul came here to do! Thank you for the insightful reading. It looks so beautiful that I will print it out and have it somewhere I can look at it, and be reminded of what is possible for me as long as I take the leap towards my dreams.”

~ Val Casalderrey, Flower Essence Healer at The Soul Essence, USA ★★★★★

“My Career Alchemy session with Natalie was wonderful! She provided me so much information and guidance. Not only do I have a better understanding of myself as I am now, but I received some knowledge as to what’s coming up for me to work on within myself in the coming years. It was beautiful, fun, accurate, and I would recommend to anyone! Whether you have specific questions or just general curiosity – it will be well worth it! Natalie truly has a very special gift.”

~ Rachel Catherine, Lightworker at Learning to Glow, USA ★★★★★

Meet your new personal Career Astrologer…

Hi, I’m Natalie Walstein! I’m one part intuitive astrologer and one part down-to-earth career coach. As a self-employed business owner for over 5+ years, I have worked with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs to help them bring their dream vision to life and I understand firsthand the mental, emotional & physical obstacles that must be conquered to achieve a big dream whether in life or a career.

Through my work with Career Astrology, I help creative & intuitive truth seekers unlock their cosmic calling and re-connect with their soul purpose to bring more of their personal brand of much-needed magic into the world.  >> Read more!