Yearly Forecasting

Align your life + career with the cosmos all year long! ?

What if you had a special secret map for the year ahead? You could avoid planning pointless meetings, launch new ideas on the perfect days, and even know when it’s safe to get a good haircut. With your custom 12-month astrological overview, you can get a universal heads up on the most major astrological events and how they will be affecting your exact birth (& business) chart over the whole next year.

What’s included:

  • Your birth chart design + *business’ start date chart design (optional)
  • Monthly astrological summaries of the most major energetic events based on YOUR chart(s) for 2018 along with your own personal life & business themes for each month!
  • Monthly at-a-glance calendars to show you which days are the luckiest and which ones may be a little more challenging so you can plan your year with clarity & confidence

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{ Clarity & confidence at its most magical. }

This is the most accurate & in-depth horoscope you’ve ever seen. With your own one-of-a-kind Yearly Forecast, you will know exactly which areas of life are supercharged for you each month (and your business!), how every New Moon & Full Moon will specifically be affecting you, how to navigate every retrograde period, and basically how to move through this year with your own top secret guidebook in tow to help you absolutely rock it out!

✒︎ How can you find out when your business’ birthday is? It’s the day you officially committed to bringing your business idea to life. This could be a formal business registration, or something as simple as when you purchased your website domain & hosting. You do not need to provide the time for your business, however if you can somehow find this information (i.e. by looking on a receipt for your domain registration), you will receive even deeper insights into your business’ monthly focus.



1. In the form on the next page, first select your time zone and pick a date & time for your 2018 Guide to be delivered.
2. Fill out your contact information & birth details. (Be sure to double-check that everything is correct.)
3. Enter your payment information to submit your details & order your custom guide.

2018 Yearly Forecast:

Get your customized 2018 Yearly Forecast Guide sent to you as a PDF that you’ll be able to download to your computer or print off so you can conveniently reference it anytime you wish as you plan out an amazingly well aligned year for your life + career.

$400 USD

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What others are saying:

“The Yearly Forecasting report has been a valuable addition to my life and business planning. Natalie is truly gifted at what she does and I highly recommend the Yearly Forecasting to anyone who wishes to plan and amplify their strategies for success using astrology. Thank you Natalie!”

~ Sharyn Holmes, ★★★★★

“This was an extremely valuable tool as my new business started to grow this year, and my own personal year of cultivation took root. Having a combined forecast with my personal power days and ideal days to tend to my business, helped me align with planets and special energy for the best outcomes. It helped me stay organized, look forward to high vibe days and plan big events like buying a house!! I am so grateful for this stunning personalized reading. I don’t think my business or my personal growth would have been as structured without it encouraging me throughout the entire year. The anticipation of turning to a new month always motivated me when I needed it the most. Thank you for all of the insights you share, Natalie! You have helped me more than you know!”

~ Nicole Colton, Quartz + Coal ★★★★★

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