Astrology for Friends & Family

In this powerful 1-on-1 phone session, I’ll consult your astrological birth chart to help you uncover more clarity around your purpose and calling. Then, we’ll go over how the planets are affecting your life + career now & in the future. Each session is geared towards YOU and around answering any questions or issues you may currently be dealing with.

What kinds of things we can look into:

  • Discover your calling a.k.a. secret life mission and what you can to do to achieve it more efficiently.
  • Look at what is going on for you NOW, in the past, and the future.
  • Find out how to get along better with your business, romantic partner, business partner, friend, pet, relative, co-worker, or boss (I will just need their birthdate!).
  • Choosing the perfect date for an event or look at the best places for you to move, live, or work.

You’ll end up with a pretty PDF of your chart and an audio recording of your reading so you can listen back on it anytime you wish.

All I need to know is the exact date, time, and location of your birthday!


1. In the form on the next page, first pick a date & time to schedule your reading.
2. Then fill out your birth details and any questions. (Be sure to double-check it’s all correct.)
3. Enter your payment info using a credit/debit card or Paypal to submit your details & book your reading.

All 1-on-1 readings are done over the phone & will be recorded for your convenience.

What others are saying:

“I absolutely loved my Career Alchemy Session with Natalie and wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who is interested in exploring their career in a different light. Natalie helped me to better understand certain elements of my personality and behaviour and provided me with some suggestions about how I can maximise my strengths in my career and business. It was a little spooky how accurate the reading was, with Natalie uncovering little details about my inner workings! Overall, I found the session to be incredibly insightful and I will use Natalie’s guidance to plan out any major launches or changes in my career and business, to be in line with the natural shifts in my energy and mindset. Thank you Natalie! I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

~ Rebecca McFarland, Career Coach at Pop Your Career ★★★★★

“My reading from Soulshine Astrology gave me the insight I was looking for. It basically confirmed some of the ideas that I want to start implementing in my business, the Universe was already pointing me on that direction. While I already knew that’s where I must put all my efforts, the reading confirmed it and gave the extra push I needed to follow on that strategy, which of course is the most challenging for me because it means that I need to work on my north node. I truly loved how beautifully she explained my astrological positions and how they point out to what are the best actions for me to take, where my energy needs to go and what my soul came here to do! Thank you for the insightful reading. It looks so beautiful that I will print it out and have it somewhere I can look at it, and be reminded of what is possible for me as long as I take the leap towards my dreams.”

~ Val Casalderrey, The Soul Essence ★★★★★



I’m Natalie Walstein and I’m passionate about using astrology to help established entrepreneurs – and anyone stuck working at a job they don’t love – creatively & courageously align their career with the cosmos.

My first name means “birthday” in Latin, and as it turns out, that is just about all the information I’ll need from you to discover the magical astrological blueprint behind your life mission.

I’m one part intuitive astrological counselor + one part down-to-earth career coach.

With both my Sun & Moon in the Water sign of PISCES and my 3rd house of Social Networking, I’m a bit of an idealistic dreamer who was born to dive down deeeep like a mermaid in order to uncover the ancient symbolic wisdom behind your birthday, and then float right back up to the sunny surface to deliver clarifying messages of encouragement from the cosmos to help you achieve your life purpose.

However, with a total of 5 major planets sitting side-by-side in the practical Earth sign of CAPRICORN and my 2nd house of Values, I’m an ambitious & pragmatic perfectionist in business. I’m also all about making sure that everything I do in my career serves a bigger purpose for myself & the world around me, and this is the same philosophy I weave into every reading I give.

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