1-Question E-mail Reading

Ask a question & get an answer straight from the cosmos.

Looking for a quick answer to something that is going on for you at the moment?

This is your opportunity to ask a question on the topic of nearly anything you wish – it could be related to your work, business, career, or even life in general.

Your answer will be delivered in a detailed 1-page PDF report especially customized & researched for you based on the particular placement of the major planetary bodies at the exact timing of your birth.

Ideas of questions you could ask:

  • How & when will I step into my dream career?
  • When should I launch my next offering?
  • What is my focus meant to be over the next month/year?
  • How can I find more work/life balance?
  • Is my current job a good fit for me? (Please include details!)
  • I’m not exactly sure what time I was born. Can you help me narrow it down?

It’s all up to you! All I need to get started is your birth datetime of birthcity of birth, your current location, and your question.


1. In the form on the next page, first pick a date & time for your reading to be delivered.
2. Then fill out your birth details and your question. (Be sure to double-check it’s all correct.)
3. Enter your payment info using a credit/debit card or Paypal to submit your details & book your reading.

Your answer will be e-mailed to you by the reading delivery date you schedule.
(You do not need to be physically present for the time you book.)

*Note: There are some questions I cannot answer here… If you are hoping to compare your chart with your business’ or another person, or find out where to move or travel, please book a Career Alchemy Session instead. And if you are wanting to ask about a fertility question or having a child, I highly recommend asking this amazing Fertility Astrologer!

What others are saying:

“I had a 1-Question Reading with Natalie and it was fantastic – she answered my question with numerous options and details, as well as warm words of encouragement. It was beautifully presented, easy-to-read, and so quick to land in my inbox! Such a unique concept and perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a full chart reading but still wants astro guidance for something specific.”

~ Cherise Lily Nana, Cherise Lily Nana ★★★★★

“My reading from Soulshine Astrology gave me the insight I was looking for. It basically confirmed some of the ideas that I want to start implementing in my business, the Universe was already pointing me on that direction. While I already knew that’s where I must put all my efforts, the reading confirmed it and gave the extra push I needed to follow on that strategy, which of course is the most challenging for me because it means that I need to work on my north node. I truly loved how beautifully she explained my astrological positions and how they point out to what are the best actions for me to take, where my energy needs to go and what my soul came here to do! Thank you for the insightful reading. It looks so beautiful that I will print it out and have it somewhere I can look at it, and be reminded of what is possible for me as long as I take the leap towards my dreams.”

~ Val Casalderrey, The Soul Essence ★★★★★

“I was thrilled at the very detailed information in my one question reading. This reading mentioned I am in a period of rest and some self reflection as next month I would gain clarity on my branding and identity for my business. That was the very reason I got ahold of Natalie! I was curious as to the next steps in my business and was unsure of my branding identity. I find it so fascinating that what is going on with my business was actually written in the stars. Now I have some months to look forward to where the energy will be ideal for making decisions and what I should be focusing on. I was really impressed as the reading mentioned my purpose being 1 on 1 work to bring others balance, harmony, and beauty to others lives. As a Medium and Spiritual Teacher, I have recently started doing 1 on 1 work and those are exactly the things I hope to bring to others. It confirmed to me I’m on the right path. Thanks Natalie!”

~ Ryan M., Rock the Divine ★★★★★

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