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2017 Year in Review

As 2017 comes to an end, some of you may be looking straight ahead and wanting to jump into a clean slate as quickly as possible, but I think it’s important to reflect back on all that has brought us where we are now in order to properly move ahead with clarity and awareness around both the lessons and blessings this year has given us.

For many of us, 2017 has been a great year of change, transformation, and evolution. I recently taught a workshop about intention setting for the new year and SO many people said this was both the worst & the best year of their life (myself included!). The worst because of so much unexpected change & upheaval… and the BEST because of the amazing lessons learned about what really matters most to us at the end of the day.

But by the end of the workshop, it was surprising how many of us mentioned that our big takeaway from reflecting on 2017 was how incredibly grateful we all were that we had gone through the things we had because they ultimately made us stronger, more resilient, and truly better people in the end.

So, before you turn the page to start fresh with a new chapter in the story of your life & career, let’s take a look back at some of the most major lessons 2017 has taught us all…



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

One of the major events you may remember is our New Moon Solar Eclipse last August which activated the sign of Leo. So many of us in the United States especially got to experience, as a collective, the darkening of the Sun, re-connecting us to the cosmos that we ourselves have always been a part of, but don’t always pay attention to.

This is also the sign that the North Node of Destiny is currently pointing us toward as a collective. In basic language, every 18 months, we are being challenged to grow out of our comfort zone and evolve in a certain area. For much of this year, and continuing into a lot of 2018, we are being challenged to become the bold and creative leaders of our own lives and careers.

Our New Moon Solar Eclipse was not just a major time of release and renewal of the old patterns that are keeping us from doing this – and from living with more courage and conviction – but also a call to action to really see things from a new perspective and realize what matters most which is and has always been to create the world we want to live in instead of being another cog in the wheel that keeps the status quo churning along.

For those of you who are still working in a job you hate, this was a call to step up and embrace the idea that there may just be more for you out there than you have been giving yourself the permission to explore. For entrepreneurs, you may have realized that it is indeed up to you to build up a platform for you to speak your truth and channel your creative endeavors into to make the world a better place using yourself as an example of what’s possible. And for all of us, it was a reminder that we are all truly here to follow our passions and to change the world by being bold and courageous enough to change our lives first, but we can only do that if we remove the negative belief patterns that are dimming our light and making us feel small.


Jupiter in Libra & Scorpio

For most of 2017, the planet of growth, abundance, excitement, and expansion was floating through the sign of Libra. It may be a distant memory now that Jupiter has already moved into Scorpio since last October, but Jupiter in Libra taught us of the importance of our relationships with one another and to realize that we’re all in this crazy thing called life together, so we might as well make the most of it and try to enjoy ourselves! Libra is also the sign of love, charm, socializing, and embracing the sweetness of life. Libras themselves got the light shone on them and were called forth to embrace their authentic selves and to step up as more of a leader – even if just the leader of their own reality.

Once Jupiter moved into Scorpio in October, things took on a slightly darker, more revealing quality, as sex scandals begun coming up to the surface in the media almost every day. Scorpio is the sign of getting to the bottom of things and probing for the truth – no matter how uncomfortable it may seem at first. However, Jupiter is generally a positive, benevolent planet that brings blessings our way, so we must realize that facing this shadow side of our collective will only pay off in amazing ways in the end that will help liberate us from all of the negativity that has been held under wraps until now.

Until late 2018, Scorpios are being called to show us all how to lead with integrity by looking not only on the bright side of what’s possible when we harness our deeper desires and face the truth about ourselves, but also using this darker side to really get clear on what we need to change in our lives or just look at more closely so we can set our ambitions toward the greater good.


Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn has just recently ended its 2.5-year reign of the sign of Sagittarius and for many people, this will have brought a breath of fresh air – especially for Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising – for which I can attest as a Sagittarius Rising myself. Sagittarians were forced to shed the skin of the person they no longer truly are in order to step into a more authentic version of themselves. This may have involved complete life & career overhauls, relationship changes, big moves, healing from emotional blockages that may have even turned into physical sickness, or maybe even ALL of the above – if you’re like me!

Whether you’re a Sagittarius or not, wherever Saturn falls in your chart explains what major challenge you are being faced with in order to grow into a more mature version of yourself and take on the discipline and responsibility that will actually make you a better, well-rounded person in the end, even if it feels extremely difficult while it’s happening.

As a collective, we were being challenged to get to the honest truth of the matter and be blunt and honest about what we want to see in the world and not to settle for less than what we’re passionate about. This may have meant removing many things in your life that were not truly in alignment with the person you want to be or the kind of world you really want to live in. Sagittarius can also be about dispelling religious or spiritual beliefs that are not making us feel good or inspiring us to go after our passions and developing a belief system of our own that works best for us.


Uranus in Aries

Another reason for the intensity that 2017 brought to many of us is that it was such a major year of endings and grand finales of major transits including the 8-year span of Uranus in Aries, which will still be continuing until mid-May of 2018, but as we get toward the later degrees the pressure of the lessons we’re meant to learn can be intensified.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolutions, and major change. In the sign of Aries, we have all learned about the power of standing up for individual rights. We have come to realize that we ourselves need to be the change we want to see in the world – that we can no longer depend on our government, institutions, or corporations to do what’s in our best interests and we need to speak up for what we believe is right – not for only ourselves but also the underdogs and what are considered the minorities whether due to sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or simply being different from what is considered mainstream.


Pluto in Capricorn

Along this same note, this year we entered into the second half of Pluto in Capricorn, which is all about evolving the structures and systems such as the government, institutions, or corporations who are no longer serving our highest good and beginning to rebuild these systems from the ground up. This is a trend that will be continuing for several more years, but it lays the foundation for many of the things we have been experiencing as a collective ever since 2008 and explains why some of these foundations we had somehow come to rely on may now be feeling shakier than ever.

I like to think of Pluto in Capricorn as the Tower card in the Tarot. If you’re not familiar with this card, it depicts the image of a tower crumbling down, and if you imagine being in that tower while it’s happening, it can seem quite scary, like everything we worked so hard to build is tumbling down. However, it turns out that the foundation of the tower was never that strong to begin with, so we are being called to break it down in order to start fresh with something that will ultimately serve the greater good of everyone involved in more proactive, ethical, and efficient ways.


Neptune in Pisces

Lastly, we are also still in the first half of Neptune in Pisces, an ethereal influence which is calling us to look within and way outside ourselves for answers and not simply to take the physical world and so-called practical solutions at face value. Neptune is the planet of dreams and ideals and Pisces is the sign that it rules which heightens this need to imagine the world we want to live in – even if we can’t yet see how it could be created – and use this magical vision as an ideal to aim for.

So many people have been coming “out of the spiritual closet” and claiming their woo-ness (again, myself included), realizing that it is not only finally safe to embrace this side of ourselves but also such an important time to see things from a higher perspective that may still seem out of this world to many, but can actually help us heal from past patterns on a deeper level than ever before. Still, the downside of Neptune in Pisces is getting lost in this dream world instead of using it as inspiration to actually go out and create the vision of the world you want to live in using practicality and logic, so it still remains important to bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and the physical.

There were many other major transits and events that happened throughout this year, but these planetary placements can help provide a basic overview of what we have all been going through together and serve to help us understand how we can move forward with clarity and confidence around how we ourselves can contribute and make the most of our inner power and natural skills during these ever-changing times.


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